The Substance from the Fountain of Youth that Banishes Redness

There is an ingredient known by few that is capable of banishing redness like wrinkles and acne. It is rumoured that this underdog ingredient was a substance that could be found from the fountain of youth. This ingredient is called ‘Azelaic acid’.

I was just kidding; the fountain of youth is just a myth (I may be wrong, who knows?). But Azelaic acid is something that sounds like it could be extracted from the mythic waters of the fountain. In reality, it is a substance that can be extracted from wheat.

If you’re unfamiliar with the name, don’t worry, it is more harmless than you think; Azelaic acid can be found being produced by the healthy bacteria on our skin.


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The Pains and Gains of Azelaic Acid (Psst, They’re More Gain than Pain)

Azelaic acid is the Swiss army knife for the skin. It helps eliminate skin blemishes like acne scars and dark spots.

There are many beneficial properties in Azelaic acid. They are mainly known as an anti-bacterial and anti-acne agent. The acid also helps normalize the skin by reducing (and at times eliminating) redness like rosacea, a condition that causes prominent redness and veins in your face, brightening up dark spots like hyperpigmentation, reducing wrinkles, or even treating acne scars. They are like the swiss army knife for skin blemishes!

Be mindful when you use them though. Some side effects of using this acid may include a sensation of burning or stinging, or even skin dryness when you apply them on areas you want to treat. These sensations will go away within a few weeks when you start using it prescriptively – often times, these side effects would not even surface. So, if you start using this acid, don’t panic when you start to feel these sensations, it will go away very quickly.

Regardless, the benefits and uses of Azelaic acid outweigh their downsides. The fact that they could be used for so many things is far greater than the fear of stinging sensations that may not even happen.

If you’re wondering where we can find Azelaic acid for use, you can try Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% by The Ordinary. It does everything that I have mentioned what Azelaic acid could do for you. I would prefer to use the Skin Rescue Clarifying and Balancing Cream as it not only has Azelaic acid as part of the mix to target acne, pigment, and redness; it also has vitamin C to hydrate and enhance skin vitality. This would reduce the chances of dry skin from forming after using the cream.


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Other Means to Banish Redness

Skin Treatment Program
When considering other alternatives in eliminating blemishes, skin treatment programs prevail in reducing redness for your skin

Apart from Azelaic acid, there are other ways to get rid of redness. The best alternative I would recommend you do is to consult a professional if you feel that redness or blemishes on your skin are getting out of hand – or if you think Azelaic acid is not working for you.

Placing your faith in the hands of a professional for your skin is almost a surefire way to improve your skin condition. A doctor could assess your skin type and offer a list of suitable skin treatment programs, ranging from ultrasounds to laser treatments to get rid of wrinkles and acne scars.

If you’re considering a skin treatment program, you can try the Harmony Skin Program. This skin program is like the Azelaic acid of skin programs (minus the negative side effects). The program will help rejuvenate your skin and treat various skin blemishes like scars, leg veins, or rosacea using V Beam Laser, a Pulsed Dye Laser Technology. It also uses ultrasonic waves to get rid of wrinkles. The best part of this skin treatment is that it is painless and has no downtime.

So, Azelaic acids and skin treatments are great ways to get rid of redness or unsightly scars.


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