5 things you are doing that are making your acne worse

Popping or Squeezing the Acne Spots

It is generally not advised that you pick at or squeeze the pimple spots. But if there is really a need to and you are persistent at squeezing the pus out, you should follow a safe method in doing so. Firstly, gently cleanse and sterilise the acne lesion and surrounding skin with anti-bacterial wash. Place clean fingers on either side of the pimple, apply only GENTLE PRESSURE, pressing downwards and towards each other. Please do not use your nails as it can break the skin and cause infection. If the pus or blockage is not released then Stop and LEAVE it. Abort the mission. Gently re-cleanse the area and hands, then apply acne treatment to the pimple lesion. It would be best if you didn’t use further pressure when releasing the pus/blockage, as you will risk forcing the pus more rooted into the skin and breaking the follicle wall which will result in worsening of the acne cyst. You should also always stop when you see blood.

Using Toothpaste

Toothpaste does not contain any antibacterial or anti-inflammatory. In fact, it contains ingredients that can cause irritation to the skin, and that would make the skin and acne worse. It can also cause discolouration, especially in people with darker skin tones. It is still better to stick with products designed for acne.

Using Scrubs to Exfoliate the Skin

Mechanical exfoliants can sometimes cause more harm than good, depending on the type of acne. Generally, mechanical exfoliant has the risk of taking down the topmost layer of the skin too harshly, causing more risk to the skin getting infected and inflamed. Chemical exfoliant, on the other hand, is more effective and preferred. SW1’s Sleep Mode with 15% AHA, is one recommended choice for home treatment.

Letting Acne Run Its Course

It may be mildly right for a minor form of acne, but generally, if it is left as it is, it would usually get worse. The risk to that is permanent scarring to the skin, which might not be able ever to get rid. I would advise you to seek some professional advice or start with something over the counter for acne treatment first. Doing something is better than leaving it alone most of the time. But of course, I am not advocating doing too much as well. The key is to use appropriate treatment. There are plenty of information available online, i.e. http://www.acnesupport.org.uk/

Dairy Products

Female cows produce milk that are loaded up with hormones for their calves to grow. When humans drink them, we are taking the milk together with the hormones. This upsets the hormonal balance in our system and causes acne breakouts. Try taking plant-based milk such as almond nut or cashew nut milk as alternatives to your coffee instead.

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