Supermodel Secrets to Looking Red Carpet #InstaWorthy!


Achieving the flawless look and being red carpet #InstaWorthy has never been easier. Ever wondered what models do to look after their skin? Besides the basics of copious hydration, sleep and exercise, we give you the low down of the industry’s best-kept secrets.

Get Your Glow On

Closeup on perfection

These six-foot tall beauties are the faces of campaigns and never take a bad picture. Not even on Instagram nor on page six. But not all models are genetically blessed with that healthy celestial glow. Behind that perfect veneer is a disciplined regiment and advice from professionals. The one thing that they look to, to help take their skin from good to great, is a facial.

We are not talking about just any facial. Modern facials are now tailored to skin types and concerns. Combining ultrasonic technology, light therapy and medical grade ingredients, the facial 2.0 has become the gold standard as part of a maintenance programme to achieve healthier, clearer and luminous skin.

This no-downtime, non-invasive sessions fit seamlessly in between photo calls and castings and help extend the longevity of healthy skin.

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Don’t Forget The Basics

fashionable woman in pink dress on pink background

In the 1995 documentary, Catwalk, Christy Turlington returns to her hotel after a Gaultier show. After reading some letters, she retired to the bathroom and removed her makeup meticulously, taking her time to make sure she did not miss out a spot. Models follow the same cardinal rules. They take their makeup off the moment they are home. They believe in going to sleep bare face, free from anything that will clog the pores on their skin.

Sleeping with makeup can cause the skin to age faster due to the chemicals present in foundations, powders, blushers and so on. During sleep, the skin restores itself through shedding and repair. Wearing makeup overnight will interfere with the process and may cause breakouts and infections. So, a clean face is essential if you want to be camera-ready first thing in the morning.

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Pamper Your Skin

young asian woman with good skin

Peels and lasers are both in the arsenal of supermodel skincare. They dedicate time to take care of their skin intensely. Chemical peels use fruit acids to naturally nourish your skin from deep within. It does wonders to your skin, helping to renew collagen and elastin, eliminate wrinkles and minimise pores.

Lasers can help with a variety of skin concerns such as pigmentation or sagging. But the most popular of the lasers is one that can create a filter-effect for the skin. This unique subablative laser helps to improve skin elasticity, reduce enlarged pores and fine wrinkles. Most importantly, it gives your complexion an instant “photoshop” makeover effect. Skin looks more refined, smoother and brighter in just a few sessions.

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