Face (the) Facts Friday! 3 Facts for a Slimmer Face

Thank God it’s Friday (for our fellow readers from the other side of the globe, don’t worry. Your turn to happily declare this statement is coming your way very soon.)! Today, I’m here to share with you 3 quick facts for a slimmer face – Here’s Face (the) Facts Friday.

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Face Fact #1: Exercise Helps You Slim Down and Have a Slimmer Face

Exercising helps you ‘sweat out’ excess fat in your body, and also in your face

Let’s face it: sitting around and dreaming about having a beautiful and slim body will not help us at all if we really want a slimmer, more defined face. Excess fat in your body will build up in your face if we don’t exercise for a good face cut!

First things first – We need to talk about how exercising daily benefits you in the long run (I’m on to something here). When we exercise (Like weight lifting or doing cardio), our heart rate increases, and we start sweating; when this happens regularly, our body loses weight.

So, consider taking some time to go for a jog or hit the gym during the weekends. You will be able to ‘sweat out’ those unwanted excess fats in your face. If you come up with an exercise regime – and stick to it – you can put yourself on the runway to getting a face shape even beauty models will desire.

Another thing you can do is not just exercise in general, but also exercise your face muscles with face slimming products. Which brings us to the next Face Fact…


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Fun Fact #2: Face Slimming Products are Useful for a Beautiful Face Shape

Face Roller
Massage your face daily with face slimming products for a well-contoured face

There are 43 muscles in your face, and like all muscles in your body, the muscles in your face need massaging and exercise. Massaging your face with face slimming products and doing face exercises help tone those muscles and improve muscle strength.

In summary, well-toned muscles on the face = a beautifully defined face.

There are many face slimming products you can use to accompany your face massaging. Quite recently, Laneige released their Time Freeze Face-Fit Roller for anyone who’s looking to massage their way to a slimmer face. The roller helps you define the contours of your face quickly and effectively when you use it for massage.

Face stretching are exercises you usually do with your hands to strengthen the muscles on your face, to reduce the chances of you looking like the basset hound in Hush Puppies. When it comes to face stretches, I like to use face stretching masks because it requires minimal effort for my hands (I get lazy sometimes – more so on Fridays.). I tend to go with the Lift Me Up Facial Band for my face muscle stretching ritual. The mask is pretty great in helping me sculpt for a V-shaped face by promoting healing and lifting saggy tissue.

When you wake up every morning, remember to get those muscles moving if you want a well-contoured face. Or, just put on a face stretching mask when you get home from work during your downtime – it’s easier.


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Face Fact #3: Botox Slimming Programs are Great Options for a V-Shaped Visage

Don’t be afraid to consider Botox slimming program as an option for a V-shaped visage

Botox slimming is not an uncommon option to consider for people who desire a slimmer face. It’s not an option to be afraid of either – you don’t necessarily have to go literally ‘under the knife’.

Most Botox slimming programs focus on the muscles and not the fat in your face. They use really really small injections of Botox into the face (commonly, the jawlines) to relax and reduce the muscle bulk, leading to a more defined face shape. In case anyone is scared of needles, I can assure you, the needles are NOT HUGE. They’re called ‘microinjections’ for a reason. So, going for Botox slimming programs is an option you can boldly consider.

If you’re thinking of going for a Botox slimming program, you can give the V Sculpt Facial Program a chance this weekend. The program consists of sessions that can help you sculpt your face using Botox microinjections for more defined features. It also has the additional option of using ‘Ultherapy’ to tighten the skin on your face, and firm up sagging skin on the cheeks with medical ultrasound. Each session has minimal downtime; after 15 minutes of Botox microinjections, you will be able to go back to work immediately without problems – Just make sure you cover the areas where you receive Botox injections.

So, yea, Botox is not as scary as you think.

And that is all for today’s Face (the) Facts Friday! Keep these facts in mind and I’m sure you would be on your way to having a slimmer face. Happy Friday and have a good weekend 😊

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