3 Emergency Pre-Red-Carpet Fixes for your Skin

Imagine this: You were tasked to speak in front of over 500 people for a very important conference. You’ve prepared every beat of your presentation – flawless executions on every line of your speech, and then when you get out of bed in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror…a giant red pimple had formed on your right cheek the day before your debut.

* GASP *

You panic – scouring the recesses of your mind for the best ways to get rid of this monstrous right-cheek-bump. You have a day – one day – to get rid of this thing. The clock’s ticking. But to no avail; your mind fails to come up with solutions to subside the pimple.

“This can’t be happening to me! How can I speak to an audience of more than 500 tomorrow with an obviously huge bump on my face?!

In desperation, you grab your phone and google the best ways to treat your skin FAST. Luckily, you found this blog post. The title reads: “3 Emergency Pre-Red-Carpet Fixes for Your Skin”. You heave a sigh of relief, and you read on.

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Good Gut Feeling: Probiotics

When you’re down with a case of bad diarrhoea or constipation and you go to a doctor, you’re probably going to be given probiotics and when you take them according to what is prescribed, you would realise soon enough what a great help they are for your bowels! If you have ever thought probiotics would help you with weight loss, your gut feeling is right.

But what exactly are probiotics, what do they do for us, and how can they help us with weight loss?

Here’s why you can have a good gut feeling about probiotics

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BBL and IPL Treatments – What’s the Difference?

At some point in our quest for smoother and brighter skin, we may have heard of various laser treatments like Intense Pulse Light (IPL) and Forever Young BroadBand Light (BBL) as ways to remove skin blemishes. But what sets them apart from each other, and – because all of us have different types of skin – which treatment would best serve us?

It’s time we shed some light on what are the differences between IPL and BBL treatments.

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Signs of Aging and How You Can Fix Them

When we grow older through our teenage years, we think we are invincible; that getting old would be a long way before us and there’s nothing to worry about aging. Believe it or not, signs of aging kick in the moment we hit our 20s.

When we age, we experience changes on various areas of our bodies and our faces. If we are not faithful in taking care of those areas, signs of aging will start to show more often than it is supposed to. Some of these changes are worse than others because they’re more obvious.

Today, we will share with you ways to fix some of the worst (and most obvious) areas of change when you age.

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