I Tried (Less Than) 60 Minutes to Change My Complexion for the Better and it’s Amazing

Sometimes, we feel like we could be so busy with our schedule every day that we could hardly find a whole afternoon for ourselves for a trip to the beauty salon. I feel the same way too. So, I went around to find easy, homemade tips on how to get glowing skin in as little as 60 minutes (Or even less than that. Trust me.).


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Natural Homebrew Recipes for Glowing Skin are Amazing

Coconut Beauty
Coconut oils and oatmeal baths will lock natural skin moisture, resulting in better complexion

There are many homemade recipes that can help you achieve glowing skin naturally, but not all of them work well for your skin. It’s like rojak (“Rojak” – an informal translation of “mixture” in Malay – is a traditional dish you find in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. It usually consists of fruits and vegetable mixed with peanuts and a sugary sauce.), you know – Some rojaks are more delicious than others because the right ingredients and proportions are used in the mix.

Just like all homemade recipes that you can find or think of, only some would be “delicious” enough for your skin to produce the perfect glow. One very important ingredient to this rojak mix for glowing skin is water (‘cause you need water to make a good rojak dish too.).

Taking oatmeal baths have also been proven to be good for your skin. All you need to do is blend the oatmeal into fine powder and mix it in warm water and simply bathe in it. This mixture would help lock in the natural moisture of your skin, hydrating your complexion and giving it a healthier glow.

If you think you do not have the time to process the mixture on your own, you can also try Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash that has oatmeal and natural oils equivalent to the natural remedy and just use it for your bath time. Depending on how long you take to enjoy your bath and how busy you are, 20-40 minutes is all it takes to reap the benefits of this body wash.

Told you you could trust me.

Another worthy natural homebrew recipe is coconut – specifically, coconut oils. Coconut is 95% water. So that’s good for you, right? Absolutely! Coconuts are widely consumed for various purposes like rehydration. Similarly, fatty acids in coconut oils are used to moisturize and hydrate the skin to maintain a healthy glow.

Of course, you can make your own brew of coconut oil by grinding the meat of the coconut, filtering it into a jar, leaving it out for a day, then scooping out the curd – but why do that when you could just get some from a store and massage the oil anywhere on your body; even on the most sensitive parts.  That would definitely take less time than making your own. If you’re wondering which virgin coconut oil is good for you, I find the Dr Gram Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to be more than enough for daily use.


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 Sleep is Amazing (duh!)

Adequate sleep and using overnight masks eliminate wrinkles and boost blood flow to your skin

Did you know, another way towards your journey into a skin that glows is by incorporating glowing skin secrets through your sleep? Having your beauty sleep coupled with overnight face masks is key to getting glowing skin overnight.

An overnight mask takes just minutes to put on, and the rest of the work just falls into your schedule – sleeping. The Laneige Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask is a great option to strengthen the skin barrier and boost for firmer and younger skin.

I also find the Sleep Mode Skin Renewing and Smoothening Gel to be an effective product. Just apply it to your entire face every night after your cleansing regime then head to bed. No stress, no mess. The gel would help renew skin collagen and promote moisturization while helping to fight bacteria throughout the night.

Also, if you get the required 7 to 9 hours of quality sleep every night, the body would effectively enter its repair process and eliminate wrinkles by producing new collagen. It will also boost the blood flow to your skin, resulting in a natural glow.

This time, if you snooze…

You will not lose.


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(If You Have the Time) Facial Treatments are Always Amazing

Pamper yourself with a facial when time allows you for healthier skin complexion

Amidst your busy schedule, I’m sure there will be times where you would have a whole afternoon to yourself, no matter how few and far between. That is when you don’t have to think of ways to squeeze in your schedule to get good complexion – it’s also when you can pamper yourself by going for facial spas.

So when your schedule’s cleared and the dust of your life has settled, give your skin a treat by hitting up a spa. I’d recommend considering the Monroe Hydrafacial Treatment. It’s a 5-step facial treatment that helps you cleanse, nourish and whiten your skin if you feel like you have lost your glow recently. Each treatment usually lasts 75 minutes. That’s 60 minutes with a fashionably late statement – But you have the whole afternoon anyways.


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