How to get longer hair quickly

Start from the inside

Kylie Jenner’s Hair Past the Butt

Make sure your daily nutrients are plentiful. An easy guide is to make sure you are eating food from all colours of the rainbow. Make sure you have enough sleep as it ensures your hormones are well balanced. The time from 11pm to 3pm is the crucial period for healing and replenishing. So make sure you set your alarm to get to bed an hour before 11pm. When your diet and sleep is in order, try boosting it with some supplements for the hair, like Viviscal Hair Vitamins (Doctor’s Formulation). For hair growth, Biotin is the ingredient that you should be looking out for. Kylie Jenner is famed for using Biotin Gummies for her incredible tresses.

Start using a Silk Pillowcase

Queen Size Pillowcase Pink
Sephora Sg

If your goal is to keep your hair length, then you need to make sure your hair does not break. Most of the causes of short and thin hair come from broken and damaged hair. Avoiding hair dyes are demanding these days. So to prevent further damages to your hair, use a Satin or Silk pillowcase. As you spend most of your time with hair on the pillow, the tossing and turning when you are sleeping is the time when most the hair breakage occurs. 

Use Topical Minoxidil

This is clinically proven application is available Over-the-counter, and safe for daily application. It would help improve the blood supply over the scalp and increase nutrient delivery to the much needed hair roots. Check out SW1 special concoction for Hair Recovery.

Revage and Revitascalp

Image result for revage hair laser

If taking care of your own hair at home takes too much effort and time, leave it to the professionals. Come to SW1 Clinic, sit over under the powerful sci-fi hair-boosting machine, Revage, for the added oomph to the hair-growing power. Or try Revitascalp treatment that uses clinical-grade equipment to infuse all the beautiful and delightful hair nutrients, Vitamin B3 and Vitamin E, into the scalp. 

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