The top 5 treatments you need in your 40s

Turning older is undoubtedly disconcerting, as it indeed calls for tons of self-reflection of not only about what we have achieved but also what more that could be made. With all the hard work through your 20s and 30s, it is not surprising to be left with sagging/dehydrated/dull skin when you hit the big 40. However, these days turning 40 might be the most fabulous thing, especially with the fantastic aesthetics advancements. Having witnessed some 40-something years old colleagues looking more ravishing than their younger peers, I decided to do some digging into what could be their secrets.

Infinity V-lift

Threadlift is one of the latest and trendiest procedures for lifting and sculpting for that more youthful structure. Initially started from Koreans, it is now widely acclaimed all over the world. Also considered a lunch-time procedure, it takes less than an hour to insert the thread and give that lift within seconds. Not to worry, the latest threads are completely dissolvable, and it continues to make improvement to the skin quality and collagen production with time. 


Ulthera is the go-to procedure for many celebrities since it works. Maintainance work is every once a year, and there is no downtime. The skin is perfectly intact after this procedure. This technology is FDA-Approved for face lifting procedures, and it has plenty of studies backing its safety and effectiveness. It can be used for the eyes area to give that open, wide-eye look.

Volume High Definition Lift

As you hit 40, you will find the cheeks losing its volume, this is due to bone resorption (it is normal). To prevent the progression of this, volume high definition lift with cheek fillers will do the trick. This will give instant volumetric lifting to the face and provide excellent facial sculpting. The procedure is perfectly safe and is also considered a lunch-time procedure. Going to a professionally trained personnel with world-class facilities and services, like SW1 Clinic, will ensure its success.


Botox is not as scary as it sounds these days with improved skills and knowledge. You do not need to worry about a frozen face anymore. It is best used for dynamic wrinkles, and for the prevention of static wrinkles from forming. Go to a reliable and experienced aesthetic physician for the best possible result. 

Baby Skin Program

This program is designed by SW1 doctors to help potentiate the effectiveness of the treatment. The main star of this program is the novel laser that is raved globally for getting the smooth, fair, baby skin. This helps to get rid of pigmentation, fine lines, with an improved complexion. Regular laser not only treat exiting skin blemishes and pigmentation, but it would also help with the maintenance of skin quality and plumpness. 

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