How to Attain the Perfect Booty Without Exercise

While diet fads come and go, in order to get that perfect toned body like that of Victoria’s Secret models requires a strict combination of hardcore exercise, dietary supplements and restrictions. The truth is not everyone is the same, so this “perfect body” formula needs to be tweaked so that it works for each of us.

The booty is one of the body parts that many women dislike. They may feel that theirs are too large, too flat or too flabby. The desire for a toned, tight and perky rear end is a universal sentiment among the female population.

So ladies (and maybe gentlemen), are you ready to know the secret to get the perfect booty minus the insane exercise?

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In this post, we have Dr. Low Chai Ling, who founded the SW1 Clinic, to recommend the three best treatments to help you achieve the instagram-worthy #bootypic without any photo editing software. “It is always best to book a consultation first, to discuss the options that may be specifically designed for your needs, ” says Dr Low.

Shape up that booty with Coolshape Treatment that utilises cryolipolysis (fat freezing method) to target and melt stubborn fat cells in the body. “This non-invasive and painless fat-busting method is a great alternative to liposuction which provides great result without any downtime and recovery period,” says Dr Low. Each treatment takes between 1-2 hours and the number of treatments is dependent on the area and desired result.

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Improve the appearance of cellulite due to fat cells under the skin with Cellulite by Thermage. This works by smoothing the dimpling process and toning the skin to produce a clear-toned result. “The radio-frequency technology heats and then cools the underlying tissue to tighten existing collagen and stimulate new collagen production,” says Dr Low. “Your booty will have a noticeable lifting, looking toned and smoothed.

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If you are the kind who believes in more is more, Supermodel Bodyfit Program is an intensive body-transforming program that combines three of the best treatments to tone and perfect your body. This program includes 8 sessions each of the Coolshape Treatment (mentioned above), Dream Body Tone and Exilis Body Magic.

Dream Body Tone uses a vibro-massage core to stimulate lymphatic drainage aiding in the elimination of fat stores as well as sonic waves to tone and create a supple youthful skin.  Exilis Body Magic heats up the layers of the body to achieve both fat reduction and skin tightening.

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