5 Ways To Get a Tighter V-shaped Face

Female Korean and Japanese celebrities are known for having small and thin V-shaped faces. This coveted face shape refers to a slim and oval face that narrows down to a sharp end at the chin. In Asia, a  V-shaped face is extremely desirable as it makes the face look more feminine and youthful.

Get the upper hand over nature, and achieve that ideal V-shaped face with the 5 most-sought after beauty fixes.

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#1 Invisible 3D fascia band that tightens and lifts up face 

One of the secrets to the “youthful small face” of our 40 years old editor Maiko, Dr Ci:Labo’s Aqua-Collagen-Gel is a revolutionary multi-functional gel that acts as an 8-in-one skincare product: toner, emulsion, essence, eye treatment cream, facial cream, massage cream, facial mask as well as a makeup base.

dr ci labo

Inspired by Ulthera (a skin-tightening therapy using ultrasound), the product contains “Gold Collagen” which penetrates deeply to tighten the skin from within as well as α-Lipoic acid, CO Q10, and Resveratrol to restore suppleness and elasticity to the skin.

Massage this product into the skin by pulling the skin outwards and upwards from the centre of the face. This skin-tightening and moisturising gel forms an invisible 3D Fascia Band that works to lift and improve the elasticity of the skin.

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#2 Jawline facial exercises

Just like the rest of your body, the muscles of your face need attention too. Regular facial exercising can ensure that the muscles in your face remain firm, which in turn support your skin and prevent sagging. The increasing blow circulation through these muscles can also help counteract wrinkles.

With more than 6 million views on youtube and numerous positive reviews, check out this Jawline exercise brought to you by Stylecraze Fitness.

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#3 Non-surgical Facelift Using Threads


The jewel of “non-surgical facelift”, Infinity Instalift uses special threads that are bio-absorbable to lift facial contours with a natural and long-lasting result. Your skin cells are stimulated to produce new collagen to take the threads’ place, and new blood vessels to improve microcirculation. These threads cause the fat tissue on your face to contract, resulting in a tighter and slimmer visage.

If inserting threads to lift your face significantly still feel like a big scary thing, SW1 Clinic recently launched the V-petit that uses only 2-4 threads per session for a quick subtle perk-you-up. This is recommended for people who want to delay the ageing cycle with a boost of collagen to their visage

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#4 Chisel and define cheeks

defined cheeks

Unless you want to be the next poster girl for the pillow face, you shouldn’t fill up every hollowness or depression on your face. “Instead, SW1 Clinic introduces Cheek Sculpt by injecting hyaluronic acid fillers to redefine the angle of your cheeks towards the golden ratio,” says Dr Kenneth Lee, founder of SW1 Clinic. “This results in the appearance of higher cheekbones which gives you a naturally youthful look rather than an unnatural blown up puffy face.”


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#5 Ultimate V-shaped Face


The V-Sculpt Facial Program is highly recommended for those who are serious about getting the perfect V-shaped face like a Korean superstar. Based on the different degree of sagginess and the ideal results, one can choose from the three options: SLIMTouch consists of BOTOX microinjections for a soft contour; SLIMShape includes BOTOX microjections to reshape and 24K Uplift facial to sculpt, lift and refine; SLIMSculpt combines BOTOX microinjections and Ulthera to tighten, lift and sheds ages off your face.

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