In the Light of Younger Skin – the Benefits of LED Light Therapies

Nearly three decades ago, LED light was used by NASA in a scientific study to grow plants in space so they could find a means to feed astronauts during their space exploration missions. It’s true, I googled it! In summary on their findings, LED lights are very versatile in growing plants.

As much as LED lights can be used to grow plants, they could also be used to treat skin.

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Red and Blue LED Light Therapies

Blue LED Light
Red and blue LED lights are used to tackle blemishes like acne and wrinkles

Today, most non-invasive light therapies involve red or blue LEDs for skin healing purposes. Red light therapy uses red light on your face to penetrate your skin so that it promotes cellulite activity and blood supply. Doing so would heal acne, wrinkles, and even minor burns. Blue light therapy has similar uses and, coupled with the correct medicines, helps prevent skin cancer or even fight depression.

The great thing about using red and blue LED lights to treat your skin is that it can be done in the comforts of your own home. There are many red or blue (or both) LED light products available that you can buy online and use it in your own time to treat your skin.  But be wary when you use these LED light products on your own though, as doing so may expose yourself to burns if you neglect the proper usages or when the products are faulty with loose wires present. It is important that you do own research and trust brands that are tried and true.

If you’re looking for something portable and handy, the Optimizer Voyager Blue Light by Skin Inc would be appropriate for you. This handheld wireless blue light therapy device helps soothe the skin and gets rid of redness and blemishes. It also has a 10-minute timer, so you do not leave it on for too long and adversely affect your skin.

For those who are looking for a more ‘hands-free experience’, the Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask is the way to go. The mask uses both red and blue light to tackle acne. All you need to do is cleanse and dry your face, put the mask on, and relax for 10 minutes. This mask has an activator that will bring you through 30 sessions of red and blue light therapy. After 30 sessions, you will need to replace the activator.


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Other Light Therapy Treatments

Fraxel Light Treatment
Consulting a skin professional will expose you to other forms of light treatment that may be better for your skin

If you feel a little bit skeptical about yourself on using red or blue LED lights to treat your skin, you can always consult a professional for other light therapy treatments.

Consulting a professional will allow them to treat your skin according to their expertise and customize to your skin’s needs. Since they are professionals for the skin, they would know what the best treatment for your skin would be and help you consider other light therapy treatment options like UV light and laser treatments.

The Lustrous Skin Program available at SW1 Clinic is perfect for those of you thinking of heading to seek professional. The program not only uses red LED light for skin healing, but also uses Fraxel light technology during their sessions. Fraxel light is a microlaser that removes stubborn pigmentation and encourages collagen replenishment, leading to a more refreshed skin complexion. A numbing cream would be applied to maximize your comfort during the treatment; and after the treatment, a mild flaking of the skin would occur for 3 to 4 days. There is nothing to worry about in the aftermath of the treatment as a new layer of soft, smooth, and radiant skin is hiding under those flakes.

To further complement the skin program, the PDRN Perfection is a great add-on. PDRN has anti-ageing properties and could help to reverse the skin ageing process and contribute to healthier skin by kickstarting your skin regeneration process.

So there you have it – information for the day that helps you shed some light on LED light therapies. Remember, exercise caution when using light therapy products at home, and don’t be afraid to consult a professional to explore other similar light therapy treatments.


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