Vitamin C – A “C” of Advantages

When you think of L-Ascorbic acid, you probably won’t be sure on what that is. You can usually find the term under the ‘ingredients’ header on the back labels of different products like sunscreens, various serums for the face, and even on dissolvable tablets that you can drop in a glass of water for drinking. This acid would be specified together with the layman term – ‘Vitamin C’.

Apparently, Vitamin C is good for your skin – but that doesn’t mean just swallowing a Vitamin C rich pill would do much for your skin specifically. Applying the vitamin topically (onto the surface of your skin) to absorb is the most helpful and direct way for maximum effectiveness in skin health.


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Vitamin C in its Purest (and Finest)

Woman Applying Sunscreen
L-ascorbic acid, the purest form of vitamin C, can be found in sunscreens and vitamin C serums for the skin

L-ascorbic acid is basically vitamin C in its purest and most unstable form; the acid is prone to react under the presence of heat, light, and even water easily. Even though it is the most unstable, it is also the most potent and effective for the skin.

When the acid penetrates your skin, it stimulates the collagen under your skin to grow in numbers. When the collagen in your skin increases, it takes away wrinkles and makes you look younger.

It is also great for hydrating your skin and for treating uneven skin tone like hyperpigmentation. When the acid is applied on your skin that has, maybe,  a sun spot, it reduces and slows down the melanin count which brightens up the skin.  As much as it’s useful for skin lightening, it can also help prevent uneven skin tones. Introducing vitamin C into the fray of the outside environment neutralizes damage caused by dangers like UV rays (sun exposure).

So with all these benefits for L-ascorbic acid, it is no wonder the acid is included in different beauty products like sunscreens or vitamin C serums. If you’re looking for a good basic sunscreen with L-ascorbic acid inside, the Citrix Vitamin C Antioxidant Sunscreen is a good option for you. For greater effectiveness, I suggest you couple the Citrine Pure Vitamin C Elixer & Powder with a sunscreen moisturizer. The combination would not just act as a layer of protection against the sun, but at the same time, address hyperpigmentation and has skin rejuvenating benefits.

It’s comforting to know that L-ascorbic acid can be good for you. So, make sure you look out for the acid in the back labels of the products you are intending to use. They’re usually the best vitamin C skincare products that can help your skin.


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Vitamin C and Company

Vitamin C Beauty
Vitamin C can be combined with other vitamins for more versatile skin treating purposes

Vitamin C can also be effective when mixed in with the scientific power of friendship (and beauty) of other vitamins. With vitamin C being the cornerstone vitamin for skin brightening, other vitamins are great for other skincare purposes.

For example, if you couple vitamin C with the right amount of vitamin E, it can make for a stronger sunscreen compared to just vitamin C alone. But mixing in these vitamins require scientific expertise that we lay people of different professions may not have. Vitamin E also has skin healing capabilities.

There is a Vitamin Therapy that professionally combines the different beneficial vitamins for our skin. During this therapy, the doctors would analyze your skin and determine the different amounts of vitamins that would benefit you most. It sounds quite ‘bespoke’ and it actually is – that’s the great thing about this therapy. All in all, you will still get a dose of vitamins A to C, E, and K for things like anti-ageing to skin lifting.

The therapy usually lasts for 1 to 2 sessions with 60 minutes for each session. Since it is a therapy that only involves topically introducing these vitamins into your skin, there is no downtime – so you can resume your day right after the therapy.

So, next time when you pop in a vitamin C pill, you can remind yourself that the correct vitamin C products could also be applied to your skin. Just make sure you get the right products or find the proper services to do so.


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