5 Products for that Crazy Rich Asian Beauty Routine

SW1 Products hail from the land of Crazy Rich Asians, Singapore. The book, although fictional, is based on Kevin Kwan’s real-life experiences growing up. To gain a glimpse of the beauty products that the wealthiest elites use, look no further than what Dr Low, founder of the prestigious aesthetic clinic, SW1 Clinic has come up with and what its clients use.

There is never too much gold in the land the rich and famous. On top of the glitz and glitters, there are champagne and pearl extracts, more glamorous ingredients to add to its concoction. -a must for the most glitzy person at the party.

24K Gold Masque, USD$25

Infused with 24K gold and colloidal gold, it is made to harness the firming and lifting power of the element gold. Gold as skin care was started from the famous Cleopatra, who was also known to pioneer many skincare products that we use today.

This serum contains 23K real gold and Hyaluronic acid (High and low molecule HA), and argireline peptide that helps with lifting of the skin in the eye area.

This oil specially designed for neck skin that would always require some lifting and tightening or prevention since it is usually the most neglected part when it comes to skincare. The retinol that it contains is mild enough for daily use. With regular use, it can help stimulate collagen production under the skin preventing physical ageing process of the skin, which everyone, including the crazy rich Asians, needs.

GENE THERAPY Skin Reversal With DNA Repair Enzymes, USD$150

It is the latest and most advanced skincare product in the clinic. Gene therapy formulated with DNA enzymes that are discovered by Nobel-prize-winning research. The enzymes are supertask to help to repair the damaged DNA in the skin subdued by UV and environmental pollutions.

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