Looking Too Young For Your Age is now IN

Image result for young quote“Old enough to know, Young enough to do it anyway” goes the old adage. It seems that it’s a rare gift to possess both wisdom of age and the looks of youth. That is until recent news of unbelievably youthful looking earthlings living among us mere mortals have surfaced.


A family from Taiwan seems to be a living testimony to the motto. Lure Hsu, 41, who has shocked millions of people with her teenage-like appearance turns out to come from a family whose members all look amazing. Lure’s two sisters, aged 40 and 36, both look half of their ages; while their mother, 63, could easily be mistaken for a 30-year-old woman – if not younger.

Lure Hsu (right), 41, and her sister Sharon, 36, (left) are pictured with their mother, 63 (middle)
 Lure Hsu (right), 41, and her sister Sharon, 36, (left) are pictured with their mother, 63 (middle)

Can you believe their ages? The three Hsu sisters, aged 41, 40 and 36 respectively (from left to right) have shocked media with their incredibly youthful looks

The elixir of youth seems to have found its way to the opposite sex as well as one Asian model-turned-photographer seems to have found a way to halt the clock. Handsome Chuando Tan, from Singapore, is actually into his sixth decade, having turned 50 earlier this year – but you really wouldn’t know it by looking at his Instagram account.

The one-time pop star’s social media is filled with images that laugh in the face of the ageing process – with his chiselled abs and fresh-faced looks taking centre stage.

I'll have what he's having: Singapore former male model Chuando Tan is 50 but could pass for a man decades younger with his perfectly-honed physique and youthful face

 Now that we have established that your time on earth has nothing to do with how you should look (or feel), let’s look at what youth-preserving tricks aesthetic doctors have up their sleeves that could account for these age-defying phenomenon.


heart1Looking Young at 60

Main Issues: Lax skin is the main foe of someone entering their sixth decade. There’s a good reason behind this change as well. as the body enters menopause, hormonal changes results in loss of collagen which results in drier and laxer skin.

Beauty Tips: Facials which only treat the superficial layers of the skin will do nothing to halt the aging process at this stage. Focus on the deeper layers of skin— the foundation. Using FDA approved Ultherapy as well as monopolar radiofrequency Thermage in tandem results in a holistic skin tightening effect from the inside out. Combine this with a superficial HIFU treatment such as Sygma Lift and you will get a triphasic 3D effect; in fact this is the basis of the Trinity Facelift Program designed by doctors, available at SW1 Clinic in Singapore.



heart1Looking Young at 50

Main Issues: Loss of facial Volume occurs with age and creates an aged sunken face. This has little to do with fat loss and everything to do with collagen depletion. Therefore, this phenomenon can occur in both plump and slim individuals.

Beauty Tips: Volume High Definition Lift cleverly uses special volume-filling, collagen-compatible fillers to give dual benefits— replace loss facial volume and at the same time, sculpt the face (highlighting beauty features). Cheekbones receive special attention as do browbone and even receding chins. The aim is not just to look ten years younger but a more sculpted version of yourself with the selective enhancements.


heart1Looking Young at 40

Main Issues: Forties is a crossroads of sorts where your face has a myriad of many different issues, though none prominent enough to warrant selective attention. Among the many beauty woes, wrinkles and lines around the eyes, pigmentation and dull skin are the top of most 40-something woman’s hate list.

Beauty Tips: Choosing a treatment that can treat most of the key issues is no mean feat. That’s why Baby Skin Program comes out top when it comes to delivering satisfactory results as it is a skin renewal laser that focuses on not one problem, but on renewing skin. New young skin stimulated by the laser looks more refined, radiant and feels softer and more supple, giving one a fresher and a more all-round youthful look.



heart1Looking Young at 30

Main Issues: Complexion issues plague the 30-something as stress hormones peak in this prime age group. Acne and pigment woes tend to mar once-porcelain looking skins. This is worsened with sun exposure, smoking, alcohol and poor lifestyle choices. Pregnancy and other life events may also exacerbate this.

Beauty Tips: Porcelain skin program harnesses the latest Pico Pigment laser and holistic topical stem cell therapy to  remove and prevent pigmentation. Purity program combines the dual strengths of Vbeam and Exilis laser to clear acne skins, close pores and heal scars without the use of oral medication.


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