5 Spring Makeup Trends That You Need to Follow Now

Keeping up with beauty trends from season to season can be as difficult as keeping up with the Kardashians. Instagram brows and blinding highlights that can direct airport traffic are now ghosts from our past.  If you are looking for the latest 2018 makeup trends, be sure to scroll on.

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Those mermaid-like mesmerizing aqua-tinted soulful eyes seen at Tadashi Shoji’s show left us breathless. This spring, apply metallic green eyeshadow with an intense glittery turquoise eyeliner at the lower lash to make waves like a mermaid come to life. Complete your look with mermaid curls. Absolutely stunning.


Tarte Be A Mermaid & Make Waves Eyeshadow Palette is your ultimate guide to being a real mermaid right from a dreamy seashell case of  14 matte and metallic mermaid shades. Recreate the look with Splash on the top eyelid and Lagoon on the bottom.

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If your vanity grail does not contain a killer classic red lipstick, you have to bag one home from the mall now! This eye-catching colour, glossy to matte finish, is paired with soft nude eyes to present an effortless model-off-duty vibe.

Prep your lip for this bright colour that brings all attention to it with Chái Rose Gold. Formulated to awaken dry dull skin, this elixir contains pink gold extracts with Alguronic acid that deeply moisturise both your complexion and lips for an instantly gratifying glow. Your foundation and lipstick will stay on longer too.
Rose Gold


We literally shot up from our seats when The Blonds model walked the runway with her unique holographic eyeliner! What an ingenious idea! This eye-popping trend was made perfect with nude lipstick and barely visible blush. The hologram trend is one which will stay for a very very long time.


Why not go for the full insane holographic look, think 360 degrees iridescent complexion that looks oh-so-smooth from every angle? SW1 Hologram Pore Minimizing Skin Primer is infused with anti-aging warriors vitamins A, C, E that shields your skin from environmental pollutants and free radical damage, as well as working together to give you firmer, softer and more waterful complexion. You’ll look stunning even without foundation.



Rose-gold iPhone, rose gold Tiffany Engagement ring and rose gold prosecco. We LOVE rose gold and we are not afraid to show the world. We are glad that Alberto Zambelli brought rose gold makeup to live! Rose gold eye and cheeks makeup? The most gorgeous coordination we’ve ever seen! THANK YOU!

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stila eyeshadow


With barely visible foundation just sweet rose eyeshadow and naturally rosy cheek, Vicky Zhang show reminded us that a fresh natural face is still the key to every makeup look.  When your complexion is strong and healthy, your skin will shine from within. This beautiful natural look is something no makeup can achieve.

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Turn back time with BB AquaTouch laser‘s advanced wavelength that helps to clear discolourations quicker while improving suppleness, reducing unsightly pores and wrinkles for a never seen before porcelain complexion.

“At SW1 Clinic, our Baby Skin Program consists of a series of treatments that complement each other,” says Dr Chua Han Boon, aesthetic consultant of SW1 Clinic. “BB AquaTouch Laser join forces with LED Red Photomodulation therapy to speed up skin renewal ability and Pearl Éclat to relit the lost glow from within. Your complexion will look airbrushed with flaws being blurred out just like an instant “photoshop” effect in real life.”

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