Facials To Get You Red Carpet Ready

Whether it’s The Oscars, The Grammys or any other award show, the hottest stars with the most porcelain and flawless looking complexion always steal the show. Try one of these most coveted facials to get you red carpet ready just like those A-listers.

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24K Uplift is a hybrid facial that combines Sygmalift Technology and cold laser for toning complexion with facial indulgences to help to sculpt, lift and refine dull, tired and saggy skin. This uplifting facial includes aqua-dermabrasion to remove pesky dead skin cells and a vitaminized skin infusion to rejuvenate your complexion to get you red carpet ready in no time!

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Marilyn-MonroeOne of the most iconic beauties in history,  Marilyn Monroe’s skin always seemed lit from within even without the help of photoshop or technology. Monroe Hydrafacial features the patented Hydrafacial MD technology that effectively removes dead skin cells for better penetration of whitening ingredients like Vitamin C & glutathione specially formulated in this facial.

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In this multi-step purifying facial, your troubled skin will be healed and rejuvenated with the help of LED Red and I-clear. A glamorous Pearl éclat gel mask will further enhance and reveal your skin’s lost fairness and luminosity. You will be red carpet ready just like Marilyn Monroe in just 75 minutes.

oxygen facial

Victoria’s Secret Angels love treating their skin with oxygen to smooth out wrinkles and restore a youthful appearance to their faces before their annual fashion show. O2 Blush is an oxygen-enriched facial that infuses the skin with three forms of pure, high concentration of oxygen. With the indulgence of an oxygenating detox pre-mask, an oxygen wrap, and a full face Oxy Shot therapy, you’ll look fabulous and your skin will be blushing with supermodel radiance, just like the VS Angels.

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Deep Red features SW1’s trademark 5-step cell enhancement treatment that regenerate and improve skin healing ability from within. Microdermabrasion helps to thoroughly remove dead skin cells and improve lymphatic flow, Deep Sonic Cleansing helps to give troubled skin a much-needed spring clean. LED red helps to boost skin cells and improve recovery rate for the healthy dewy complexion. Iontophoresis fends off free radicals and recharges cells, while Collagen Whitening Masque provides deep hydration and whitening benefits to the tired and lacklustre skin.

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