Here’s to looking younger without surgery

There are a huge variety of procedures available to rejuvenate the ageing face these days. The more familiar ones are RF, Ultherapy, botulinum toxins, dermal fillers, chemical peeling. Non-invasive procedures have become popular in recent years as they allow short downtime and increased convenience. Among all the non-invasive aesthetic procedures, thread lift is the only … Continue reading Here’s to looking younger without surgery

Science Behind Non-Surgical Aesthetic Facelifts

Our face is made up not only of skin.  Under the superficial skin are the fat pockets, fibrous tissues, muscles as well as ligaments. Together, they make up the fibro-muscular layer which plastic surgeons tighten during a surgical facelift, and is also which many thread lifts target. If you are not quite brave enough for a … Continue reading Science Behind Non-Surgical Aesthetic Facelifts