What You Can Do to Help With Dry Skin and Wrinkles

Aged skin can be categorised as either “Intrinsic” or “Extrinsic”. Intrinsic ageing is biological factors such as natural ageing, stress, fat depletion, fat pad movement, illness. Extrinsic ageing refers to environmental factors, smog, pollution, blue light, cigarette smoking, harsh weather, and sun damage. The contributors to aging are often both of these factors combined in various degree.

Skincare routine is akin to diet. The product contains active ingredients that nourish your skin, and consistent daily attention of what you put on the skin surface could yield exceptional results with time and consistency.

Since skin ageing is such a complex and multifactorial process, a single ingredient in skincare is just not going to do the trick. To significantly fight the signs of ageing, you would feed your skin with a plethora of state-of-the-art active ingredients.

To achieve the most impactful results from your skincare, you would need to make sure that your skincare routine contains every aspect from antioxidants, skin-restoring, skin-replenishing ingredients and a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or more


An antioxidant will help fight the assaults from the daily environment, such as air pollution, blue light from your phone and computer screens. So load up your morning skincare routine with antioxidants. One of the best antioxidant ingredients is vitamin C. To make sure that you have the antioxidant component covered, you can apply a concentrated serum such as Astaxanthin before your moisturiser and sunscreen. Different types of antioxidants help in a synergically way, so do not worry about mixing up the different types of antioxidants.

Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidant ingredients.

Gene therapy is SW1’s signature anti-ageing product. It works a similar way as an antioxidant, but in a more advanced level, since it repairs the cellular damage that is present in the skin.

Gene Therapy contains DNA Repair Enzymes, that can help fight cellular causes of aging


Skin-restoring ingredients (also called cell-communicating elements) works by telling the skin cells to make better, younger skin. Daily usage of skin-restoring ingredients will help the skin transform and change to become younger. They are a must in an anti-ageing skincare routine. One of the best-researched ingredients is nicotinamide. You can find a pure and highly concentrated form at SW1 shop.

Also known as vitamin B3 and nicotinic acid. The skin-restoring ingredient is a must-have if you want to transform your skin to become younger.

Other well researched skin-restoring ingredients include retinol, linolenic acid, adenosine, ceramides, and peptides. Unicorn tears contains retinol and adenosine, together with a whitening tranexamic ingredient, in a easy-to-absorb formulation.

It is easily absorbed into the skin. 3 amazing active ingredient in one product.


Skin-replenishing basically means moisturising. It helps seal in all the goodness that you have put onto your skin and replaces all the lost moisture. A right product will contain an ingredient that is similar to the standard component present in the skin, such as squalene. An average teenage skin contains about 15% squalane, and average 50-year-old contains about 5% squalane.

Skin Drink contains naturally- occurring skin moisturiser. Helps to replenish the skin to its former healthier state.

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