How to Combat Perimenopausal Weight Gain

Perimenopausal weight gain can be a scary thing, but that does not mean that you have to get all pessimistic about it. It occurs to almost every women, but a different extent. But weight gain is not all due to hormonal changes; it is also affected by diet, lifestyle, exercise, natural aging, genetics etc.

Sometimes the weight gain is taken a toll on your self-esteem, and you want a quicker solution because dieting and exercise are tough and challenging. The thing about dieting and exercise is that you have to keep at it for the long term, even after you have achieved the goal weight, maintaining with diet and exercise is necessary. However, it can often be very discouraging if you are not getting any results at all. So that is when you can consider alternative non-invasive treatment to help boost the results.

Onda Body Magic

This machine makes fat sweat literally, without you doing any work. Great for target particular location in the body such as the love handles, which can be highly prevalent during the perimenopausal phase. It is also FDA-approved which means that it has been tried and tested, so it is very safe.


After you have melted away your fats, the body will have to get rid of the unwanted waste products. Try taking a supplement to boost the detoxification process with SW1 unique concoctions; purification cleanse and daily cleansePurification cleanse is a one-time liquid supplement that you take with a massive amount of water. It contains all-natural herbal ingredients, (prescriptive drugs are effective but unpleasant side effects are prevalent) Daily cleanse is similar, but it is to be taken over a month period. These supplements will help to boost the body’s own detoxification process, aiding you in achieving better overall health and losing excess weight. 

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