Primers are a significant game changer to makeup application these days. Professional makeup artists are calling it the secret makeup weapon to getting that perfectly smooth that allows the foundation to glide on perfectly, giving that airbrushed looking canvas.

What makes an excellent Anti-ageing Primer?

First, it has to contain some form of anti-ageing ingredients. An essential skin care ingredient for anti-ageing is antioxidants. The hologram contains concentrated antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, and E.

Application of hologram before your foundation allows the skin to benefit from beneficial vitamins A, C, and E. Indeed a very convenient short-cut method to ensure you apply skin care in one step, saving time before you head out of the house in the morning.

Silicon or its derivatives such as Cyclomethicone or dimethicone blocking your pore and “suffocating” them is just anecdotal. In fact, Silicone has a unique molecular property (large molecules with wide spaces between each molecule) that allows it to be porous and resistant yet permeable to air. Ingredients that are suspended in a silicon-based formula can “steep” through the silicon base and into the skin and get absorbed. That means all the active ingredient stored in the silicon bases suspension can be absorbed by the skin, benefiting from brightening and anti-ageing effects from vitamin C.

Silicon is also an excellent ingredient for creating a moisture barrier on the skin, avoiding moisture loss, without clogging up the pores because of its unique properties.

This primer contains an all-embracing blend of antioxidants such as L-ascorbic ascorbic palmitate (Vitamin C complex) and retinyl palmitate (vitamin A). It also includes several skin-soothing ingredients such as tocopheryl acetate (Vitamin E), evening primrose oil (Vitamin E, Omega fatty acid), carrot oil, squalene, essential oils.

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