Top 5 Treatments You Need In Your 30s

My 30th birthday is approaching in just less than a month. Time flies, and before you can stop to realise, you have reached that age- the big 30. For some people they might say, 30 is just a number, and there is no difference to 25 years old. It may be true to some who have managed to keep calm and carry on. What should you do if you are noticing changes in your skin and am noticing some signs of ageing? Luckily there is plenty of noninvasive treatment available, and the earlier you set your way to maintaining your skin health, the longer they will last till your later golden years.

Porcelain Skin

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This program is designed to ensure you equipped with the treatment needed to achieve and maintain this porcelain-looking skin that defined you in your 20s. Regular PICO laser will help banished those pigmentations that you had acquired while partying hard under the sun in your 20s. “We recommend multiple regular sessions of PICO lasering to get desired results”, says Dr Mavis Pak Aesthetic Doctor at SW1 Clinic.

Use Radiofrequency Energy

Thermage, Gwyneth Paltrow’s favourite, uses radiofrequency energy to heat and stimulate collagen regeneration in your skin. It is excellent for slightly aged skin in the 30s since it is gentle and subtle. The results are not instant; it would take several months for the body to grow new collagen in the area. The results are amazing, and you would be able to reap its benefits for a long time to come.

Skin As Pure As White

Still crippled by acne and pimples in your 30s, this is the time to put in the real effort to oust this issue out once and for all. Purity program contains all the tricks for treating acne. Vbeam lasers, operated by SW1 doctors, help banish redness and inflammation associated with acne and pimples. BBL forever clear is the most potent Intense pulse light in the market that can effectively clear the bacteria causing acne without the need for oral medication laden with side effects. It also helps to treat acne scars by stimulating collagen regrowth. Ultrasonic cleansing facial, done by SW1 Beauty Sages, helps to clean the pores out thoroughly better than what you can achieve at home.

Let it be Light Years Away

Who does not need a bit of lifting? The earlier you start with lifting, the later sagging sets. In your 30s, you can start doing some prevention by getting in as much collagen rebuilding and lifting in as you can to maintain and preserve your youth as much as possible. Light lift uses laser energy, operated by a doctor, to help deliver the heat into the deeper layers of the skin. It requires no downtime, that means that you can return to your work immediately without anyone realising. We all know that 30s is also the busiest time of your life.

Onda Body Magic

Photo by Garin Chadwick on Unsplash

When you hit 30, your metabolism starts to slow down, or maybe you have just given birth, and you notice your girth is increasing. The fat is accumulating in the wrong places and its harder than before to build tone muscles. Cellulite is also set in, and you cannot ignore it anymore. You need to refresh yourself and embrace the may more youthful years to come. Onda Body Magic uses the latest technology, microwave and cool wave that could reduce the fat cells, and shape your figure to the desirable hourglass shape that you have yearned for. All these without any pain and fuss, if you are prepared to set yourself back a few thousand bucks.

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