5 things to learn about Laser Hair Removal


LASER works through selective thermolysis. It selectively go after dark hair, leaving the surrounding lighter skin untouched. If the hair has no pigments, it is not going to absorb the laser energy and it is not going to work.

Hair follicular cells denatures at 60°C

Once they hit 60 degrees Celsius or so, the hairs becomes irreparably damaged—cellular bonds start to break down in a process called denaturation which gives enough damage such that the hair would not grow back.

Laser Hair Removal is a Medical Procedure

Medical grade lasers are to be operated by a licensed and trained doctor by law in Singapore and it should be at other part of the world. Most of the skin burns and problems arise from those who does not know how to use the laser machines.

laser hair removal is safe for tan/dark skin tone

Many darker skin tone individuals in Singapore are put off permanently removing their hair when they hear horror stories of reported burns incidences with IPL procedures. That’s because, IPL is not the best modality since it does not effectively select the hair to treat.

Risk of paradoxical Hypertrichosis is RARE

The risk of hypertrichosis ranges from 1-10%. It is postulated that this happens when hair is treated at the subtherapeutic energy level — hence causing stimulation of hair growth instead of denaturation of the hair.

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