Demystifying Laser Hair Removal in Singapore

Most people in Singapore do not know that laser can remove hair. When I was probing around, I have found out that most Singaporeans assume that IPL is the best method for hair removal. It is primarily due to a great deal of marketing and advertisements around for IPL hair removal here.

Laser is not for Hair Removal

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

They are both some form of light energy. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) can be likened to a lightbulb, scattering energy to the surface with no focal target. Laser on the other end is an optimised beam of light energy in one particular wavelength only, so can be controlled to be aimed at a specific target, such as hair.

That is why with IPL, like a machine gun, you are firing your bullets everywhere, in the hope of hitting your target (hair) in the process, also causing loads of collateral damages at the same time. With a laser, equated with a sniper, you will make precise of your specific intent before you fire, leaving the surroundings pristine as per before.

With hair removal, the safest and most effective method is with the laser. Especially with people of darker skin tone, IPL presents a high risk of burns and side effects.

Laser Hair Removal is very Painful

Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

“Most of my patients says it is practical, painless and very comfortable,” says Dr Mavis Pak, Aesthetic Physician at SW1 Clinic. You can expect something like a mild rubber band snapping sensation as the laser beam hits the skin. But this is counteracted by cryo air blowing out at the same time. To ensure an even more comfortable experience, we would apply a numbing cream to the treatment area.

You cannot get a Brazilian with Laser

Photo by Taylor Harding on Unsplash

The answer is a resounding no, no, no. Many Singaporeans have a rather preconceived idea that laser is not safe for the sensitive privy areas. Which I believe is due to the marketing efforts from the commercialisation. Thanks, society! Laser is the most reliable modality for the sensitive region of the body, safer than IPL. The truth is that a it can be applied to every skin area of the body, like hair around the ears, for example.

Laser Hair Removal is Expensive

Since Laser hair removal is so effective. Depending on where the area of hair removal, you will most probably achieve complete permanent removal of the hair at one-third of the time compared to IPL. Lesser travel cost and lesser precious time spent all together, all working out to be more cost-effective.

Removal and Revival Program

One session is not going to be sufficient for hair removal, since human grows and sheds hair all the time, and at every one time, only about 30 per cent of the treated area are amenable to laser at every session. Removal and Revival program is designed to be cost-saving and to provide the best results goals with appropriate add-ons. Part of the program, Quattro-toning, helps by resurfacing the skin that was probably previously damaged by all the razor burns and bumps, and shaving or waxing shadows. The different type of laser is to help with collagen stimulation, evening out skin tones and pores, aiding to the glow of new hairless-skin.

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