A brightly lited face is a huge draw to people’s attention. It signifies health, vitality and power. Clear skin, bright and light skin colour, symmetry face are the goals. Beauty is associated with uplifted mood, better jobs, and all sort of positive vibes. Several factors determine the brightness of the face; the overall skin tone (blood vessels, skin colour) and the focal skin pigmentation from old-time sun damages etc. But of course, we have to make sure there are no underlying medical causes to systemic hyperpigmentation, such as Addison’s disease (lack of cortisol hormone, causing overall pigmentation which is a rare disease).

Melanie said the first thing to remember is that good skin comes from within - a focus on sleep, lack of stress and an anti-inflammmatory diet is good for glowing skin Australian facialis Melanie Grant

Melanie, an Australian celebrity facialist, told Daily Mail Australia, that you attain this curated celebrity youthfulness through double cleansing, a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, not too much stress and regular facials. She also recommends treatment procedures such as Fraxel laser, IPL, light therapy and peels that are very effective at repairing the most damaged complexions and a good quality broad-spectrum sunscreen worn every day allows the skin to start repairing itself. (

Skincare routine and Facials

Start off with a good skincare routine at home. Make sure you exfoliate, cleanse, tone and moisturise your face, taking self-care seriously. But doing it yourself takes too much effort, be sure to pop by at your favourite and reliable specialist that knows what they are doing to your skin.

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