There is a beauty blogger that I have been following fondly for a period of time. She shares her life’s journey through pregnancy and postpartum candidly. Going through pregnancy is no easy feat and it is even harder postpartum. The body is bound to have changed after baking a baby. Chriselle shares her first-hand experiences with post-pregnancy body changes and how she deals with it personally. I would like to add that there are also new and modern advances that can help you regain your beautiful body.

Magnetic Muscle Sculpting

This revolutionary new machine developed by Iskra Medical uses high intensity magnetic field (higher than previously developed pulsed electromagnetic field strength, PEMF), to induce electrons to flow between two points, creating electric currents through the electrodes. This magnetic field that is generated induces the ions to flow and stimulates the nerves. This approach is not only used for body sculpting but also used clinically for many neurological and musculoskeletal conditions such as neuropathic pain and decreased muscle strength conditions. It is believed that helps to normalise the activation patterns of the nerves hence improving the functional strength of the muscle.

Onda Body Magic

Ondo uses Coolwaves® technology, a special microwaves that selectively target fat cells to reduce localized fat deposits. It uses a smart patented handpiece that can deeply penetrate and guide the electromagnetic fields to the subcutaneous fat cells, disrupting the membranes or destroying the connective septa between the adipose lobules in the advanced stages of cellulite (visible in the typical “orange peel” effect). 


Coolshaping™ employs one of the most recent and most popular technology of cryolipolysis for fat destruction. Compared to the traditional liposuction, it is way less invasive, with lesser side effects and shorter recovery time. This technology stems from a historical observation that fat cells are generally more susceptible to cold injury than the surrounding water-rich tissue. Thus, with the use of cryo-energy, we are able to target the destruction of fat cells while sparing the surrounding skin, nerves, vessels and muscles.

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