There is really a limit to how much you can shield yourself from the sun, especially on a holiday. It is an act of balance, enjoying your swim or water sports and trying to shield and protect your skin from the scorching hot sun. Sun damage is inevitable.


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They can manifest as sun freckles which is your body’s reaction to the sun. Just think of them as little umbrellas, opening up in response to the sun, all in the attempt to protect you from the UV sun damage. Those little umbrellas are actually pigments or melanin production from melanocytes (pigment cells). These are usually activated when there is already DNA damage. And overtime, these DNA damages will manifest as skin wrinkling, and fine lines.


Is it great that we live in the era where there are great and safe DNA repairing solutions. If you haven’t check out my previous post on PDRN. PDRN is a magical cocktail that harnesses advanced stem cells to help activate your own underlying DNA to boost rejuvenation properties. It has the potential in helping you achieve this baby skin when it is used regularly.

2.Chemical Peels/ Glamour Peels/ Milk Peels

Another method to help with the skin rejuvenation are chemical peels which targets the superficial surface of the skin. What it does is that it help removes the top most layer of the skin using caustic agents. The science is that it releases pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines and this actives the normal healing ability of the skin, which are all the good stuff such as new dermal collagen and elastic, dermal connective tissues and regeneration of new keratinocytes. The different chemical agents used usually varies in the cosmetic outcomes such as reduction of redness vs. dyspigmentation vs. scarring. But the general goal is a more youthful appearance. (Teo Soleymani et al.)

3. Illuminate

This is a special spa therapy that employs 2 great lightening agent that have proven evidence to work: Tranexamic acid and Vitamin C. Tranexamic acid is the latest treatment choice for melasma and it can be used orally and topically. In a professional spa setting, potent doses of these skin lightening agents are delivered onto the skin directly to help with pigmented or tanned skin.

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