These days, there are a myriad of options available to achieve this flawless clear skin like the K-Pop stars. Aesthetic treatments are no longer only reserved for the rich and famous.


PDRN is taking the world by storm. You have probably came across it without even noticing as it is heavily advertised by many aesthetic clinics in Singapore these days. It goes by many names such as “Baby skin boosters”, “Miracle healer injection”, “婴儿针”, “Rejuran”(which is the brand name of approved PDRN used in Singapore).

PDRN is a DNA derived drug from salmon sperm DNA. PDRN is extracted and purified at high temperature, a procedure that allows to recover a >95% pure active substance with inactivated proteins and peptides. This guarantees the safety of the product and the absolute lack of any immunological side effect. Spermatozoa are the most appropriate cells to provide highly purified DNA without risk of impurity such as peptides, proteins and lipids. (Francesco S. et al, 2017)

It is heavily supported by many researches and clinical evidences that this product works. There are evidences that shows that PDRN contributes to DNA formation by generating nucleotides and nucleosides, thus reactivating normal cell proliferation and growth pattern. It’s regenerative properties are also supported by a study that shows that it can stimulate human pre-adipocytes (Fat cells) (Raposio et al., 2008)

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Microbotox- Microrefine

Botulinum toxin has been widely used for facial rejuvenation, and it is used to treat the whole face with the toxin, rather than confining it to individual areas. It consist of judiciously placing diluted botox into the intradermal layer, with the aim of restoring healthy texture of the skin. It helps with increasing hydration and activating fibroblasts. There is evidence that Hyaluronic acid injected into the skin can cause fibroblasts to produce collagen type 1, matrix metalloprotease 1 and tissue inhibitor matrix metalloprotease 1.1 An additional study suggested dermal injection of vitamins causes stimulation of collagen production.2


A patient before and after a single Vbeam treatment at Union Square Dermatology.
A patient before and after a single Vbeam treatment at Union Square Dermatology.

It’s a pulsed dye laser (PDL) with a wavelength of 595 nm (nanometers). It mainly treats skincare concerns related to blood vessels (like my rosacea and broken capillaries). It’s so safe and effective it can even be used on children to treat port wine stains.


Do not underestimate the power of regular facials, as it helps to keep the skin clean, tone and smooth. It is without doubt through history that it can delay signs of aging, eliminate black heads, increase collagen production, improve skin elasticity and leave your skin with a healthy glow.

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