Stretch marks are common, especially among women as it can be affected by pregnancy, either due to hormonal changes or the pure pull of the skin fibres from the force of the growing baby. But the truth is, stretch marks can occur to anyone who grew too quickly during puberty, or have gained mass too quickly etc. So long as your skin is stretched too rapidly causing change in the structure of the dermis (mainly collagen), stretch marks or “straiae distensae” can result.

Most people in the past were told that there is no solution to these stretch marks, you just have to learn to live with it. But I beg to differ. There are many options out there and here I will be showing you what are some of the solutions that will change your outlook of these irksome marks forever.

Prevention the best cure?

Gold Oil Retinol

A controlled trial in Iran, looked at Olive oil and Saj® cream, and the conclusion is that they were not effective in the prevention of striae gravidarum or affecting its severity. There are also very weak evidence for bitter almond oil or hyaluronic acid. But some other studies have shown that emollients and moisturisers do play in a role in prevention of stretch marks, provided that they were used during the early stages of stretch marks formation. So don’t be too quick to toss all those creams away. Clinical outcome has been shown to improved with synergic use of tretinoin cream (like our beloved Gold Oil Retinol) and lasers.

How about Lasers?

Lasers, such as the Fraxel and SmartX, work by targeting the underlying skin to promote collagen growth from the inside out.

An external file that holds a picture, illustration, etc.
Object name is JCAS-10-124-g001.jpg
Striae gravidarum in the abdomen. Before (a) and after (b) single session of 1064-nm long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser

According to the study, by Uwe Wollina, results of treatment is more effective if started early and lasers are safe and more effective than topical creams in the treatment of stretch marks.

To top up the effectiveness, you can try the NASA-invented LED RED light. The great thing about this is there is zero downtime. This uses Photomodulation, which is a non-ablative, non-thermal therapy that reduces the signs of photodamage and skin aging including shrinking pore size.

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