When you get pregnant, you will not only start to make stringent decision on your food choices like no alcohol, but you will also start to analyse every product for the pregnancy-safe label. These products would include everything from household detergents to the sunscreen that you slather on your body. This maternal instinct is with good reasons, as products and treatment choices can indeed affect your baby as much as the food you eat.

That said, it is important to make sure that you make safe beauty decisions during pregnancy and also after when you are breast-feeding your precious ones.

Full Bloom treatment programme is designed to be safe for pregnancy, which means that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers can safely receive their full skin rejuvenating effects with a peace of mind. It includes 6 IPL Luminous Therapy, 3 Aqua Dermabrasion, 3 Pearl éclat Masks, 3 Oxy Shot Intensive/ Plasma C Boost, 3 Water Infusion Mask. This will cover your beauty pampering needs during a full term gestation.

Study has shown that 100% of pregnant woman will experience skin changes due to physiological reasons. And out of the those cutaneous skin changes, 90% will be pigmentary changes. White plasma is formulated to help lighten the dark spots and improving overall skin tone during pregnancy.

Further more, we know how time-consuming having a baby is and yet there is no need to compromise on the skincare routine with the game plan we have come up for you. You deserve to keep the pregnancy glow going.

Other certified pregnancy-safe products includes luminizing II, fruit enzyme serum, emerald oil, umbrella, bb anti-acne, bb anti-pigment, skin rescue.

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