After learning how to prevent breakouts and manage your stress, you have reached this stage of lull- Acne is finally fading away. But those acne has left behind these pesky little shadows and they are not disappearing completely.

What happens after breakouts or any type of “trauma” to the skin occurs, the melanin skin cells becomes damaged and the released melanin pigment leaves the damaged cell and sinks deeper into the skin, forming those irksome dark patches on your skin. This explains why people of darker complexion are more prone to these dark spots.

The truth is acne scarring is not the only cause of hyperpigmentation. Other types of hyperpigmentation includes Melasma, post-inflammatory pigmentation caused by conditions like eczema, drug-induced causes, excessive sun exposure, birthmarks and the list goes on.

There are myriads of treatments available. The bottom line is that a multi-therapy approach with in-clinic based procedures and evidence-based treatments is the best way to go to achieving that dream skin.

At Sw1, we help you navigate this overwhelming world of commercialised products and procedures, by concocting our special in-house skincare treatments and programs that works.

Porcelain Skin Program: [+] Pico Pigment laser [+] LED RED [+] Aqua.dermabrasion [+] Pearl Éclat

Also, check out our Porcelain Skin Program, tailored specially to rid all types of hyperpigmentation and increasing overall fairness with cutting-edge technology under the period of 2 months.

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