3 Emergency Pre-Red-Carpet Fixes for your Skin

Imagine this: You were tasked to speak in front of over 500 people for a very important conference. You’ve prepared every beat of your presentation – flawless executions on every line of your speech, and then when you get out of bed in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror…a giant red pimple had formed on your right cheek the day before your debut.

* GASP *

You panic – scouring the recesses of your mind for the best ways to get rid of this monstrous right-cheek-bump. You have a day – one day – to get rid of this thing. The clock’s ticking. But to no avail; your mind fails to come up with solutions to subside the pimple.

“This can’t be happening to me! How can I speak to an audience of more than 500 tomorrow with an obviously huge bump on my face?!

In desperation, you grab your phone and google the best ways to treat your skin FAST. Luckily, you found this blog post. The title reads: “3 Emergency Pre-Red-Carpet Fixes for Your Skin”. You heave a sigh of relief, and you read on.

What can we say – it’s Halloween season and we need a scary beauty story. Be it showing up to an important presentation, or preparing for a blind date, when acne rears its ugly (black)head, you’ll need quick fixes. We’re here to save the day for you.


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1. Natural Remedies

Aloe Vera and Cucumber
Use aloe vera gel and cucumber as home remedies to reduce acne


Okay, we know it might be beauty red-alert for you so there are remedies from your home that can get rid of acne ASAP. Our first recommendation is to see if there are any of these raw materials that can alleviate the situation.

Do you have aloe vera gel and cucumber? If you do have both, great! Cut a slice of cucumber and let it sit on the area where the pimple is. Then, apply some aloe vera gel on the pimple area.

What this does for you is that the cucumber helps with acne healing and prevents oily skin from developing with the help of vitamins A, C, and E. The aloe vera gel helps fight bacteria, gets rid of the inflammation and heals the wound. Alternatively you can make a quick trip to the supermarket to get a cucumber and some aloe vera gel.

If you want to save the hassle, we recommend getting the Aloe Cucumber Rebalancing Facial Toner. It helps prevent future acne from forming and fights off any age-expediting aggressors.

The combination of cucumber and aloe vera will help to reduce redness and inflammation significantly, and also rejuvenate your skin. If the pimple still has not subsided, don’t worry, we have another solution for you.


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2. Forever Clear BBLs

BBL Laser
BBL Laser treatments are one of the best ways to help get rid of acne in minutes


A facial treatment is the best way to get rid of acne – Facials with Broadband Light (BBL) laser treatments are most optimal.

An acne is formed when your pores become clogged by stuff like oil and dirt. Once it’s clogged, bacteria will fester on the clogged pore and it will be become inflamed. Forever Clear BBL laser treatments has a three-step procedure to get rid of acne. It’ll first use blue BBL light to kill the bacteria; then it’ll use yellow BBL light to reduce the inflammation; lastly infrared light would be used to kickstart the skins natural healing process.

The treatment just takes 20 to 30 minutes, with your skin ready for your big event the next day.

We recommend signing up for the Purity Program; this program uses BBL lasers to address acne scars and also uses VBeam Perfecta lasers for other kinds of redness. Signing up for the program eliminates any possible future skin-related panic-attacks.

Along the way, you can also ask for the Pimple ER (Emergency Ready) add-on. This add-on is specific for skin panic-situations and features a very small injection on the face to reduce further inflammation. 24 hours later and your pimple will be gone.

So, if you fear home remedies won’t work for you – don’t waste your time, make your way to a certified facial spa near you.


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3. Masks

Use masks at night if the clock is ticking and you cannot make the time for facial treatments before your big event


If you do not have the time for a facial treatment because you have other last minute preparations for your big event tomorrow, how about sleeping the pimple away with a mask.

A pimple mask helps reduce the pimple while your body enters its healing process when you sleep. The Mario Badescu Healing and Soothing mask is a good option as it contains Balsam Peru that helps with controlling irritation and reducing acne redness. The Water Infusion Mask is a better option – it’s specifically catered for anyone that has a big event imminent and has with skin soothing abilities while hydrating parched skin to make you look and feel younger. All you need to do is leave it on your face for 15 minutes and massage the remaining serum onto your skin before you sleep. Your pimple will be visibly reduced in no time.

These three suggestions are sure-fire ways to calm down acne on your face. Godspeed and good luck for your event.


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