Signs of Aging and How You Can Fix Them

When we grow older through our teenage years, we think we are invincible; that getting old would be a long way before us and there’s nothing to worry about aging. Believe it or not, signs of aging kick in the moment we hit our 20s.

When we age, we experience changes on various areas of our bodies and our faces. If we are not faithful in taking care of those areas, signs of aging will start to show more often than it is supposed to. Some of these changes are worse than others because they’re more obvious.

Today, we will share with you ways to fix some of the worst (and most obvious) areas of change when you age.

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Spotted Skin and Wrinkles

Wrinkles can happen for young and gracefully aged alike

The first signs of an aging face are wrinkles – and wrinkles are no discriminators of age groups. As much as it is natural for people who have aged gracefully (I would like to refrain from labelling people as ‘old’) to develop wrinkles, it is also very easy for young adults in their 20s to have “crow’s feet”.

“Crow’s feet” are fine lines or wrinkles that develop around the eyes. For the young people, these lines usually develop if they spend a lot of their youth under the sun or in front of the computer screen.

So, if you guys are afraid of developing crow’s feet, remember to moisturize your face regularly and make sure you do not put unnecessary stress on your eyes. In the event fine lines and wrinkles break out, remember to break the emergency beauty glass and retrieve a wrinkle correcting eye cream from Clinique.

On top of wrinkles, dark spots on the forehead, nose bridge, and even cheeks would develop for the young and gracefully-aged alike. These spots are known as melasma and are developed due to prolonged sun exposure.

To make sure you minimize them, sunscreens are the way to go. I would recommend the Umbrella UV-Protection & Light Diffusing Cream. This sunscreen has a dose of SPF 70 sun protection and is water resistant for up to 240 minutes in water. It is 100% chemical and fragrance-free, and is rich in vitamins E, C, and green tea extracts for the skin.

Remember: A layer of sunscreen a day keeps melasma away.

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Saggy Cheeks and Sinking Nose

Young and old face comparison. Woman with syringe.
When we reach our 30s and 40s, our skin will start to lose collagen and subcutaneous fat. This would lead to obvious signs of aging.

As we hit our 30s and 40s, the facial structure of our face would change. Our faces would produce less collagen and hyaluronic acid, and we would lose the layers of fat under our skin (we call this layer “subcutaneous fat”). This would lead to saggy cheeks and a sinking nose bridge. Sometimes, when we go for a night out with our friends, they would ask us why we look so tired – the change of features and lack of collagen, hyaluronic acid and subcutaneous fat might be the culprit.

Just because losing subcutaneous fat and having less collagen under our skin results in signs of aging, that does not mean we are unable to do anything to address them. Going for a facelift and getting dermal fillers for the nose are the best ways to battle these conditions.

The Trinity Facelift Program is great for perking up saggy cheeks. The program features two pieces of technology that would help firm up the skin – Ulthera and Thermage. Both of these technologies are used to stimulate the growth of collagen under your skin – Ulthera through the use of ultrasound, and Thermage through the use of radiofrequency. They also help smoothen the skin and remove blemishes.

Nose fillers come in the form of small injectable gels of hyaluronic acid administered by medical professionals. The gels work to enhance the existing volume of hyaluronic acid under the skin, filling up the volume of the bridge of your nose.

The good news between the facelift program and getting nose fillers are that there is no downtime when you get them, so you can head back to work the next day looking younger.

So, with the help of fixes like sunscreens, facelifts, and nose fillers, you can kiss aging signs goodbye. Remember to take care of yourself no matter how old you are.

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