The Right Facial Oil Can Literally Change Your Skin

After a lifetime spent slathering on oil-free moisturizers and serums—and assuming that doing otherwise would make my oily skin even oilier—I was skeptical when my facialist recently suggested I give facial oil a try. I gave in, and to my surprise, it actually healed my skin from the inside out.

No longer niche, face oils are now a skincare must-have. But with different skin types requiring a unique mix of ingredients, when it comes to nabbing that oh-so-covetable radiance, how are you supposed to know which oil is the one?

The right oil, of course, depends on your skin type. In the summer, skin produces more sebum, the facial glands responsible for oil secretion, while during the cooler months, production is decreased. “It’s best to use lighter oils, like apricot oil during the day, if you have oily skin,” explains Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic. Acne-prone skins should seek out drier oils, such as jojoba, hazelnut, and sesame, while those with dehydrated skin should opt for coconut, almond, or shea butter.

Those still afraid of breakouts, listen up: Oils can help stabilize and regulate the overproduction of sebum, and actually help get rid of acne, according to beauty experts.   Adding an appropriate oil will balance out “your skin’s ecosystem and protect it from the external environment.”

Find your perfect formula here…

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Best Face Oil For Dry skin

Our skin is composed of lipids responsible for preventing dehydration, retaining moisture and keeping toxins out, but as we age, we produce less oils that compose this layer, which is where essential oils come in play. They have a high concentration of oxygen and quickly pass through the skin’s lipid barrier to prevent water loss and plump it with active ingredients more effectively.

Avocado oil is high in Vitamin E and sterolin, which softens the skin and protects from free radicals. It’s also rich in lecithin, a lipid that helps deliver nutrients directly to the bloodstream and deeper layers of the skin.

Another dry skin favourite is Rosehip oil excels in promoting and retaining your skin’s natural moisture levels thanks to its high levels of Vitamin A, which help to increase collagen production and Omega’s 3 and 6, which strengthen your lipid barrier.

Try… Sisley Black Rose Precious Face Oil

Sisley Black Rose Facial Oil
This may look and feel ultra-luxurious but it doesn’t leave behind a greasy, sticky residue like some oils. Alongside omega 3 and 6, camelia oil prevents moisture from escaping, so skin feels plump and pillowy and looks glowing. Three drops is ample.

Try… Gold Retinol Oil


Rosehip, coconut and jojoba oil are a dream trio, especially if you suffer with flaky, parched patches. Rich in antioxidants, they penetrate the skin and deliver a nourishment hit to the deeper layers that shows in luminosity on the surface.

Best Face Oil For Oily Skin

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, essential oils can help balance your natural oil levels, without stripping your skin. The weather, stress, genetics and your menstrual cycle can all lead to over production of sebum, but a few weeks of using oils will help you get back your balance.

Jojoba oil resembles the actual molecular structure of your skin, delivering nutrients sub-dermally, while tricking your skin into thinking it has produced enough oil. Oily skins may also appreciate the soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of azulen oil, derived from chamomile. This can have the added benefit of hydrating even inflamed or acne-prone skins, penetrating instantly while calming skins!

Try… Sapphire Oil


Azulen acts like a squeegee against excess oil, mopping it up before it shows up on the surface of your skin, so you can wave goodbye to the 3pm shine. The great thing about this oil is that it has a dry ski finish, and the rollerball applicator means that spot hydration is possible, making it a must-have in all travel pouches

Try… Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil

Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil
This Jurlique offering is filled to bursting with a dream team of nurturing oils for maximum perkiness. Jojoba mimics the oil your skin produces naturally, preventing your glands from going into overdrive. No oil slicks here, people.

Best Face Oil For Acne-Prone Skin

A lack of lipids on the surface of the skin can impair the water barrier function, resulting in bumps and rough skin texture. This, combined with excessive sebum production, forms a blockage within the hair follicle, resulting in a spot or cyst. But, essential oils can help regulate your skin’s pH balance, heal existing damage, and stimulate cell renewal – ridding your complexion of unwanted toxins while maintaining a healthy lipid barrier.

Grape seed oil controls your skin’s natural oil producing functions to help balance the pH levels of your skin. It also has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in antioxidants to protect and vitamin C to help heal.

Try… Emerald oil


Thius emerald oil comes in a rollerball applicator and is 100% organic. Intended as a non-greasy eye treatment formulated to smooth, tone, and brighten the eye area for a youthful and radiant appearance, it also works wonders to hydrate acne-prone skins as the grapeseed oils helps support circulation without clogging up pores.

Try… Clinique Turnaround Revitalizing Treatment Oil

Clinique Turnaround Facial Oil Treatment
Oils are known for their nourishing, hydrating properties but Clinique have kicked the beauty rulebook to the kerb where Turnaround is concerned. It also contains salicylic acid to keep breakouts at bay and will leave you with a clearer, more radiant complexion.

Best Face Oil For Large Pores

We all know that pores don’t have the ability open or close, but there are ways to make them appear smaller – by keeping them clean and unclogged.

The small molecules of pomegranate oil penetrate your skin to deliver nutrients quickly, so the oil doesn’t sit on the surface of your skin, enlarging your pores.

Try… Caudalie Vine[Activ] Overnight Detox Oil

Caudalie VineActive Overnight Face Oil

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