Blemish, Schmlemish! Here’s How You Can Tackle Skin Blemishes with Ease

What exactly are skin blemishes? Skin blemishes are different kinds of spots or flaws that are found on the skin. Some are harmless while some require more attention than others. Like it or not, we will encounter various kinds of nasty blemishes, especially on our faces – from various types of acne like pimples and blackheads, to hyperpigmentation like age spots. How do we get rid of them when we see them? Here are some effective methods to try to get rid of the more common types of skin blemishes.

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Acne, Our Common Enemy


Build your walls against acne by washing your face using a facial scrub


Our faces are at risk of developing acne every day when our oil glands secrete too much oil which clog up our pores and form blackheads or whiteheads. Over time, they may become swollen – these inflammations are called pimples. But that does not mean we should submit our skin to the mercy of acne. It is time we do something about them and know how to build a resistance against them – raise the walls and prevent those blemishes from reaching your skin!

Our first line of defence is prevention. There’s a famous proverb: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Preventing acne from forming on your skin is much better than reacting to them when they start appearing. So, what are the building blocks to this wall we call prevention?

A key cornerstone to this wall is to ensure that your face is kept clean. Washing your face using warm water and massaging it gently with a facial scrub removes unwanted menaces like dead skin cells and impurities. Do this regularly and it will reduce the likelihood of acnes forming. The Gold Flakes Illuminating Facial Scrub is a powerful weapon to combat this enemy. The scrub not only eliminates your face from impurities, but also encourages skin health by stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation.

When acne has broken through the walls of prevention, fret not – use a pimple cream to banish these common enemies into beauty oblivion! Pimple creams are simple over-the-counter remedies to kill bacteria and unblock oily pores. The Acneclear Pimple Treatment Cream is a great option to get rid of sneaky acne that has broken through the walls of your skin.

With a strong wall built on having a clean face and the countermeasure of using a pimple cream, there is no fear in tackling acne.


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Hyperpigmentation, an Enemy that Can be Eliminated

Tackle hyperpigmentation with skin whitening creams or going for facial treatments


When you are exposed to the elements outside and the sun for too long, small spots of dark blemishes on the face or arms can form because rays from the sun speed up the production of pigment in places where more melanin is concentrated. Those spots are called sun spots or age spots. Although they are more common among woman of older age, younger women are not spared from these skin blemishes either.

Just like acne, hyperpigmentation can be eliminated quite easily. The more common means to remove dark blemishes from the face are skin whitening creams and going for facial treatments.

Skin whitening creams fundamentally do what their general name suggests – they help whiten the melanin-concentrated spots on your skin by reducing the melanin count. You can try out the Laneige White Dew Sherbet Cream if you just need a basic moisturizing cream for brighter skin. I would recommend using the Special Effects Whitening and Brightening Cream as part of your arsenal to combat sun spots – it does not just get rid of hyperpigmentation, it also re-texturizes roughened skin and repairs cellular ageing from outside elements.

Apart from using skin whitening creams, a sure-fire way to tackle blemishes quickly is by going for facial programs. Most facial treatments use technology we cannot really get at home to eliminate sun spots quickly. The Lustrous Skin Program uses Fraxel Light microlaser technology to correct uneven skin pigments and refresh dull complexions. When you rest your hopes on a master practitioner for the skin, you don’t have to fear monsters like hyperpigmentation.

With the knowledge of skin whitening creams and going for facial programs, there is no need to fear age spots under long exposures from the sun.

Go forth – and live freely knowing you can tackle skin blemishes with ease!


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