Getting To The Bottom Of Lightening Pigmentation. What’s The truth?


People are getting highly sceptical about lightening the pigmentation on their skin because they do not know what products to choose. In actual fact, lightening pigmentation may actually be highly effective if used correctly. What’s actually stopping people from receiving the help that they need? It is the fact that there are too many beliefs revolving around it also known as myths with no solid proof or evidence to justify it. The Skin Reporter has unveiled the good and bad, myths and facts for you to get a hold of the problem.

Pigmentation. It is so dreadful!

Various skin problems. Freckles, acne, pigmentation

Just imagine the worry one has to go through to bear the psychological effect of permanent scars on your face. It’s all too easy to get lost in the search for the best treatment to prevent and hopefully undo skin pigmentation. This impending cycle never comes to an end, especially with the burgeoning amount of solutions widely available in the market.

It is painstaking to sit through a doctor’s visit time and again or to be waiting for the next best whitening product, on top of the fuss of finding or using these products while waiting for the scars to miraculously diminish on its own, the solutions to lightening pigmentation may come to light as useless after a while.

I just can't choose between the two

What is Skin Pigmentation?

Skin Pigmentation means skin discolouration, spots or scars on the face. It is caused by melanocytes, and excessive exposure to UV rays can trigger them to produce more melanin than usual. It is very tough to remove these scars, and it can affect patches of skin and while for some, the entire body.

The Skin Reporter has unfolded some truths about lightening pigmentation and helped debunk certain myths to help you better manage these spots.

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Myth: Prolonged use of a skin corrector will help your skin maintain its ‘brightness’.

Fact: This really depends on the way you take care of your skin. People experiencing pigmentation problems have an unpredictable set of skin concerns and you may not know what the root of the problem is. When it comes to hyperpigmentation, UV rays are the main catalyst. On top of using the skin corrector to maintain a bright and even out complexion, other products must also be used. Wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen every day is compulsory in order to prevent new spots from reappearing while protecting your hyperpigmentation. From all of the products to choose from, sunscreen is the safest to protect your already damaged skin. If need be, you can talk to your dermatologist about getting a Vitamin C skin serum and pair it up with a sunscreen that is suitable to your skin.

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Myth: Acne scars can be eliminated after using skin lightening products.

Fact: It is known that hyperpigmentation occurs after acne has completely healed. What is more important is to differentiate between hyperpigmentation and acne scarring. Once that’s been clarified, you can specifically align a proper treatment to the type of scarring you are experiencing. It is recommended for people with pigmentation to use lightening products regularly which can be combined with chemical peels to get effective results. Please be sure to consult with a reputable doctor before proceeding with chemical peels.

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Myth: Exfoliating and scrubbing the skin intensely helps remove pigmentation.

Fact: It has come to our attention that some people believe that scrubbing the skin vigorously can remove pigmentation! On the contrary, exfoliating it constantly and forcefully can lead to inflammation as well as worsen the quality of the skin. In the midst of exfoliating, more pigmentation can actually be triggered. Try using products such as spot correctors where it is targeted to fade and remove stubborn dark spots without affecting the surrounding skin. Try Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum, a fast-acting serum that not only repairs but lightens discolouration. Results can be seen as quickly as within a week’s time. This serum includes five sources of vitamin C to give your face that extra vibrancy and radiance. It helps to brighten, firm and support your skin’s collagen structure and hydrates as well. It uses 100% rosehip oil and omega together with concentrated Vitamins A and C.

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Myth: Lasers can be used on all skin.

Fact: All laser treatments are significantly unique and are catered to different skin issues. So long as you have a professional doctor getting your laser treatment done, then there should not be any risks or even potential for burning. Treatments are made suitable for the skin’s tolerance, and one such treatment is Pico Pigment available at SW1 Clinic, which is used for skin pigmentation problems on any part of the body. It is known as one of the most powerful lasers in the market.

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There is always hope at the end of the tunnel and most dermatologists agree that pigmentation is something that can be solved anytime you want it to. So isn’t it time to shun those pesky scars away now? Always better sooner than later I say.

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