Stress! Is It Making You Breakout?


What happens to your body when it is under pressure? Many things! When anything foreign or destructive gets to your body, it goes into fight or flight mode.

This is when it starts to release a complicated mix of hormones such as cortisol, and adrenaline to prepare it for physical activity. Who knew our bodies could react this way?

With your body releasing all these hormones, it is inevitable that you may suffer an acne flare up. This is also known as a breakout and it is all because of … STRESS!

If you think that stress is the least of our problems, you are wrong! Research shows that stress and breakouts are correlated, and since our skin is the largest organ of the body, it is vital (to me at least!) to ensure that it is kept in tip-top condition. If you’ve got that sorted, you can be sure to keep those pesky breakouts at bay.

How does it work?

Young beautiful Asian woman against white background

When your body responds to stress, it directs blood flow and oxygen to important areas like your muscles. This is done so in order to fight the stress. In the midst of all of this, it ignores other areas of the body, such as the skin.

As an unfortunate result, your skin suffers from this lack of oxygen and becomes dull, lifeless and worse, dehydrated!

Contrary to what we think, dehydrated skin is more prone to oilier complexions and clogged up pores which eventually leads to breakouts (the horror!). You might as well say goodbye to good skin forever.

The way I see it, the only logical solution then is to take extra EXTRA care of your skin. As a first step to lowering your stress levels, take a deep breath and embrace the pleasures of life. Next up, an all-encompassing, all-pampering skincare regime is required to get your skin back to glam-goddess status.

Here are a few fail-safe techniques to keep you going and feel fully prepared for getting that positive edge back into your life. Bye-bye stress and say hello to a new and wonderful me!

Go Hard or Go Ommm

Time for yoga. Attractive young Asian woman group exercising and sitting in yoga lotus position in yoga classes

Did you know that a study back in the 80s showed that meditators always have a younger biological age as compared to non-meditators?

Recently, it has also been shown that meditation can actually cause good changes in our genes. Isn’t that such a discovery? It is really astounding the way meditation can change our genes. It reverses the effects left by stress and anxiety and how they would affect the body. This is done so by changing the expression of genes to cater to a more adaptive mode our body can get into. For example, when our body goes into a zen mode, the gene expression is altered in the direction of decreasing the stress and inflammatory reactions.

In the long run, it leads to lesser inflamed skin and even fewer wrinkles. Inflammation plays a big role in the development of acne breakouts and meditation can actually tap into certain hormones in our bodies to reduce this.

It helps to suppress the production of cortisol and epinephrine levels, the hormones responsible for our flight or fight response. In the process, your brain is in a relaxed state which in turn helps to reduce blood pressure and heart rate while increasing the oxygen in your cells.

You will get an increase in blood flow in no time with all the healthy nutrients flowing through your body and to the skin. As a result, harmful toxins are removed and you’ll enjoy a more glowing and brighter complexion!

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Yoga, yoga, yoga! The one remedy that gets your body moving in all directions. It is a great way to experiment with your body’s ability to move, as it gets you to enjoy the different poses to keep your body in check.

Hormones can get out of whack when you cannot control them, and the worst part, when you do not even know how to control them. Yoga helps to reverse blood flow, even with the simple act of bringing your toes above your head.

Believe it or not, it is beneficial for the thyroid, heart and lungs. The different poses such as locust, plow and headstand can effectively balance out your hormones.

If you take some time to indulge in some yoga at least three times a week, not only will your hormones be better-maintained, you will enjoy the benefits of improved flexibility too. What a way to go!

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1 step. 2 steps. 3 steps. Glow 

Beautiful Happy Woman With Fresh Makeup On Beauty Face. Skincare

At times, your journey to clear skin may seem fraught with difficulties but persevere on with these few simple steps to follow on a daily basis and you’re good to go!

  1. Cleanse your skin
  2. Apply Toner
  3. Exfoliate
  4. Use an oil-free moisturiser
  5. Protect your skin using sunscreen with SPF
  6. Work on your blemishes by either seeing a doctor or using topical medications

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Acne Treatments

Close up of woman hands with makeup applying serum treatment.

Ladies, if you are interested in taking bolder steps to achieve acne-free skin, here is where it gets a little more serious.

In times of need, it is important to take your skincare regime a notch further by complementing it with acne treatments or products that can target at your blemishes more effectively. For this, you may need a doctor’s help which makes it less stressful.

There is a popular remedy among young ladies. It is easily available at all Sephora outlets retailing at $58. After 4 weeks of use, 100% of subjects showed improvement in the appearance of pore size and skin texture. Whiteheads were significantly improved as well!

If you tend to find that topical products are not effective enough for you, then SW1 Clinic can offer you treatments that can help to improve the condition of your skin, such as the Vbeam Perfecta which is the most advanced Pulsed Dye Laser Technology. It is FDA approved and treats redness, pigmentation, stubborn acne and acne scars while rejuvenating your skin.

Alternatively, you might be interested in giving the Purity Program a go, a series of treatments, to rescue your skin from severe acne. It is combined with the Vbeam Perfecta, Exilis Lift and I-Clear. The Vbeam Perfecta is perfect for treating Acne and Red Acne Scars, to rejuvenate facial skin all concurrently to leave you with clear and smooth-sailing skin.

The Exilis Lift is an advanced and non-surgical procedure to revitalize aging skin by stimulating the production of collagen, then allowing it to get tightened and experience a lift in the loose skin areas of the face and neck, while I-Clear uses Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) technology to dislodge acne-causing bacteria carefully by leveraging on light technology.

In the process, the surrounding tissues are not affected. This is a regime that not only purifies your skin but provides enhancement and refinement. Furthermore, it helps your skin to become more tightened, clarified and firmer.

There is no downtime with this, which means you will not experience any redness or flaking and you’re good to go about your day after each session.

Having clear and blemish-free skin is not a far-fetched idea after all. Remember to breathe and have in place a good, sensible skincare regime!

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