Craving for baby-smooth skin? Here are the best ways to a smoother complexion.


Every shade of beauty

How does one keep his or her smooth complexion?

There is no one fixed way to get close to baby, smooth skin. A series of home and clinical remedies might be beneficial.

The Skin Reporter breaks it down for you.

1. Your Skin Map

Portrait of beautiful asian woman makeup of cosmetic, girl hand touch cheek and smile with arrow antiaging, face of woman beauty perfect wellness on yellow background with skin healthcare concept.

As the saying goes, your skin is the map of your body and it shows what is exactly happening inside. This may be true, specifically when associated with diet and lifestyle. You can improve your skin from within by changing your diet.

Sugar is the one food that can change your skin’s structure. In the long run, it brings a combination of health concerns such as premature ageing, loss of collagen and even cancer. To counter this, make additional changes to your lifestyle by adding more fish and plenty of water into your diet. Time to put more trust in your Omega-3s!

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1. Baby Skin Program

Flirty lashes

The Baby Skin Program at SW1 Clinic can give your skin a complete revival, making it smoother, brighter and more refined. It consists of three technologies namely, Pearl Eclat, LED Red photomodulation therapy and BB AquaTouch Laser. This powerful combination helps to bring back the smoothness of your skin from within, stimulating collagen and elasticity. It reduces enlarged pores and wrinkles with the aid of an enhanced skin renewal process.

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2. Changing Your Lifestyle

Relax, you're on weekend time now

Sleep deprivation can be a cause of ageing skin, which leads to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It makes your skin more vulnerable as your body will not have the strength to replenish your skin cells. Add in a few more hours of sleep in your nightly routine and pair it with sufficient exercise to get your skin looking smoother and more refreshed.

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4. Baby Drop Fillers

Physician arm holding injector in cosmetology clinic

There is another painless way for your skin to experience baby soft skin and youthfulness. You can opt for this when you need a special skin booster with no downtime required. It is one of the quickest and effective ways! Baby Drop Fillers is the go-to fix for A-listers and celebrities, making it one of the solutions which can give your skin just the right amount of natural boost. It provides your skin with natural enhancements allowing it to acquire a greater potential. It also smoothes fine lines and wrinkles as well as eliminate dull or tired complexions.

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5. The Beauty of Cleansing

Woman washing her face

Cleansing is one of the cardinal rules when it comes to skincare. You need to have a constant cleansing regime to maintain your skin well. Remove oil, dirt, and makeup regularly, especially by the soonest when you reach home. Be sure to tone your face and moisturise right after. At least about three times a week, remember to exfoliate when needed. Exfoliation is greatly beneficial in removing dead skin cells and improves skin circulation. It also stimulates collagen production making your skin smoother than usual!

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