Beauty Hacks for Kissable Lips. Here’s How.


The new lips in town is soft and shapely. And is irresistible to look at, according to industry insiders. Whether or not you have plans to kiss someone in the near future, a perfect pout is the new beauty accessory you must have. Studies have shown that men notice a woman’s eyes and lips more than any other facial trait.

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With the new focus on lips, we get the lowdown on how we can upgrade our lips to make them a powerful honey trap.

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To keep your lips smooth and allow lipstick to glide on evenly, regular weekly exfoliation is key. Editor’s fave trick – Apply a layer of Vaseline or a plain lip balm and allow it to sink in for 5 minutes. Mix a pinch of fine granulated sugar with olive oil to get a paste. Gently rub the natural scrub over your lips to create a perfect canvas. Wipe off clean, and smooth more lip balm.

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rose quartz lip treatment

Be a lip-conditioning junkie to protect delicate lips from environmental stresses. Slather on balms with moisturizing emollients like beewax or glycerin instead of licking your lips (which breaks down & irritates skin and creates a vicious chapped lip cycle). As our lips have minimal amount of melanin, use a lip balm with SPF under your lip colour in the day to fend vulnerable skin from UV damage. For those who wants maximal softness, we recommend a lip treatment that goes beyond the surface like Rose Quartz Lip treatment, a lip treatment oil containing vital vitamins essential for the suppleness and fairness of your lips.

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Sadly but inevitably, our lips tend to get dried & shriveled, lose volume and develop nasty vertical lines with age. Natural skin-identical hyaluronic acid preparations like the Revitalift Lips (available at SW1 Clinic) are a god-send as it replenishes depleted skin stores to rehydrate chronically chapped or lined lips deeply and quickly – restoring fresh and youthful looking lips without adding volume.

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lip fillers at SW1

The most ideal lip shape will depend on your facial shape, according to Dr Low Chai Ling, who has over 10 years experience on lip fillers. Her latest technique involves giving her patients shapelier lips by plumping up the two pillows that sit on the lower lips as well as creating a ‘pearl’ effect on the cupid’s bow portion of the top lip. This shape enhancement results in minimal change in lip volume, says Dr Low, but makes a big difference to how alluring the lips look. She does this using a blend of hyaluronic acid fillers.

For those who are looking to instantly transform their lips from drab to fab, this could the answer.

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