How to Cleanse Your Body Right

When you feel sluggish or fatigued from the activities of your daily life, your body is giving you hints of when you are overeating or overindulging in foods that you are not supposed to. It is trying to fight the toxins it needs to remove fast.

Special occasions and holidays give you all the more reason to eat, and it can get ugly when you put on those extra kilos. Especially, the feeling of shame that weighs on you, can cause you to dive into a downward spiral of succumbing to more unhealthy eating.

A detox is then absolutely necessary. Some people plunge into the unknown so that they can find the fastest solution to this problem. They are critically unaware of the essentials of a detox, and hurriedly follow a diet they think is suitable. In turn, it is only causing more harm than good to their bodies.

Hence, it is so important to find the right way of detoxifying, the right way to cleansing your own body.

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Young woman drinking green juice

What is a detox?

A detox is a cleansing process that gets rid of impurities, toxins and unnecessary chemicals from the blood. It is actually a naturally-occurring process that helps our bodies grow the ability to fight against bacteria. But in modern times, some people go the extra mile to make the detoxifying process their own. However, they may be troubled by the array of information found everywhere and delve into the wrong step towards detoxification.

Usually, simple is the right way. Here are some easy ways to detox to maintain a healthy body.

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Drink Up

Woman fitness outdoor concept, young asian beautiful woman drinking water during workout, running, jogging, yoga at outdoor park, fresh, relax, happy feeling

There is nothing more miraculous than the replenishing effects of water. This age-old myth will never wither. Hydration is the most important thing to maintain your kidneys and liver in removing toxins by completely flushing them out of your bodily system. It is recommended by experts everywhere to drink from 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. Especially if you are one who likes vigorous sports and activities, it is best to keep dehydration at bay.

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Organic Fruits and Vegetables, Keeping Infections away

Happy young woman holding avocado halves

Vitamin C is the one source of protection that can be found in fruits to keep the infections away. Eating organic livens your liver and kidney by decreasing the harmful pesticides and chemicals that might impose a danger to our bodily functions as a whole. Without eating fruits and vegetables, in general, will cause the natural detoxification process to break down.

Everyone receives daily nutrients from fruits and vegetables as they provide your body with the optimum level of energy for the detoxification process. Moreover, it rejuvenates the state of your organs for them to be able to function properly to remove all toxins. This can prevent certain diseases such as constipation and diarrhoea from arising.

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Getting Up and About

Girl is runing on the city stairs and listening the music

Exercise is a human need. It is the fuel for energy and for anyone to make it through the day. It pumps increasing amounts of blood to the heart and essential parts of the body. In addition to that, it gives the body just the right amount of oxygen to keep healthy.

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Detox Diets

Avocado and cucumber detox smoothie

People get fixed up with detox diets, also known as unplanned dietary intervention, formulated to cater to the body’s needs of eliminating toxins. Such therapies are key in instances of your body’s diet to filter out harmful compounds and environmental pollutants. It is also a good way of losing weight, by focusing on one or two organs alone to effectively remove the toxins.

One simple way to have a healthy diet is to eliminate meats and processed foods from your meals for one day, focusing on healthy vegetables alone. If possible, ensure your vegetables are raw or lightly cooked so they retain as many nutrients as possible. Go organic if this is an affordable option or if you are into juicing your vegetables.

Another form of detox diet involves giving your overworked digestive organs a total rest. This involves fasting for a period of time and only consuming water, tea or bone broth. Advocates find they feel recharged with 16 hours to 24 hours of fasting. By fasting, this isolates the liver and allows it to get stimulated to remove toxins. It also increases blood circulation while providing the body with its specific need to absorb all the right nutrients!

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Slim woman measuring her thin waist

Most of our body‘s toxins are stored in the fat and as we lose these fats, they are released into the system. It is usually encouraged to combine detoxification with slimming to remove the toxins in many ways possible. If you combine a detoxification cleanse with effective slimming therapies such as cryolipolysis fat- busting or radiofrequency body shaping, your body sculpting results will be greatly enhanced. This is because as you lose fat which is your bodies’ storage organ for toxins, you are also helping your body eliminate the toxins that are discharged into the system!

“Some of my patients find that their weight loss regimens hit a plateau” comments Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic. “That’s when I ask them to consider a healthy detox diet to rebalance their bodies.”

You can go through a Body Fat Percentage measurement to retrieve your BMI (Body Mass Index). SW1 Clinic can give you the thorough plan to achieve your ultimate weight loss journey. You will be involved in exercise, counselling, a specific diet plan and specialised body treatments to receive the holistic way of detoxifying and slimming using their specialised natural detox formulas. Daily Cleanse is for active urbanites who want to regulate and optimise their digestive function and Purification 1 Day Cleanse is for those in need of an intensive body reset.

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