Best Skin Whiteners & Lighteners

pico laser porcelain skin program at SW1

Fair, glowing skin is the result of more than just a good skincare routine. Of course having good genes, a vanity trove of super-powered skin lighteners and a good aesthetic doctor on speed dial helps. We asked our readers for their top picks when it comes to achieving a clear, pigment-free visage and got a barrage of answers and votes (thank you!) So here they are, the top reader-approved skin lighteners that will give you the complexion of your dreams (that will make even Snow White envious).


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ShiseidoWhite Lucent MicroTargeting Spot Corrector

best skin whitener or lightener

Unique feature: SAKURA Resist Technology with Sakura from Japanese Cherry Blossoms: Minimizes the appearance of future dark spots.

Why it’s great: One reviewer claims this brightening cream is “great for sensitive skin.” Another reader raves that this brightening product is “creamy but not greasy” and it “feels really good on skin.”

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Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum

best skin lighetenr or whitener murad

Unique feature: Contains a potent combo of  Hydroquinone 2%, the highest level available without a prescription and Glycolic Acid, together with Hexapeptide-2 for skin brightening and Vitamin C for its antioxidant properties.

Why it’s great: “I’ve seen major results after just one month,” claims one enthusiastic reviewer. Another reader says her “age spots started fading and after 12 weeks are almost completely gone.”

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Porcelain Skin Program

porcelain skin program uses pico laser, and is the best skin lightening treatment

Unique feature: features pico laser technology, one of the most innovative pigment-clearing systems that surpasses traditional lasers. This program is designed by doctors at SW1 Clinic who have over a decade of experience in treating skin pigmentation. Pairs high-tech lasers with skin holistic therapies such as intensive glutathione therapy Pearl eclat and LED photobiomodulation lights for accelerated skin lightening.

Why it’s great: One tester found her stubborn pigment responding after one session. “Besides skin lightening effects, my skin also responded to the TLC by looking softer and brighter!” comments another.

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