How to React When Your Mood Messes With Your Complexion

Being a skincare junkie, I am cursed with the compulsion to find out how everything in the world that impact my skin— food, the environment, and products of all kinds. But, rarely do I stop to think about what’s going on internally.

Personally, I sometimes feel like no matter how many serums I slather on my face, my skin never looks better than it does after an intense rush of adrenaline. I received a piece of exciting news, and bam—a healthy glow floods my cheeks as if I just received a two-hour facial.

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This made me curious. How do our emotions affect our skin, both short-term and long-term? Does the key to perfect skin lie within? Read on to discover the fascinating ways love, excitement, stress, and other emotions can affect your skin!

#1. Love


That whole “glowing” thing people associate with being in love is, on some level, actually pretty true. Those giddy butterflies in the stomach and mushy feelings you experience while falling in love reflect a physiological process that can benefit your skin, unlike any sheet mask.

We have the hormone oxytocin to thank for this. Oxytocin is the hormone of love which is often referred to as the “attachment hormone”. Surges of oxytocin are responsible for the bonds between couples, mother and child, and even between people and their beloved pets.

This hormone is also thought to reduce some of the inflammatory factors that slow healing. So more oxytocin means potentially less irritation and more glow on your skin. Oxytocin also helps to lower the body’s production of cortisol, a stress hormone that can have a number of negative effects on the skin.

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Of course, being in love usually begets a lot of smiling, and smiling causes creasing and wrinkles, long-term. But hey, that’s why we have anti-ageing serums and treatments, right?

For fine wrinkles: BOTOX microinjection is a tested true age elixir to ease out wrinkles etched by time around your eyes. By relaxing knotted expression muscles, a subtle browlift can be achieved at the same time to open up those windows to your soul and give you a more pleasant and calm countenance.

#2. Anxiety


Cortisol is the hormone that is released when you’re feeling worried or anxious. And apparently, this hormone spells an unabating sense of impending doom that is not so good for the complexion.

A surge in the cortisol levels stimulates inflammation and weakens the immune system. The inflamed cells are likely to break down collagen, the protein that keeps skin smooth and supple. Higher cortisol levels can also contribute to a drop in hyaluronic acid, a natural skin lubricator to keep skin radiant. In other words, anxiousness cause skin to result in visible dryness and wrinkling.

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For dry, irritated skin: A consistent, gentle skincare regime minimises irritation to the reactive skin.

Chái Gold Mulberry is a moisturising pro that soothes dehydrated and sensitive skins. Its youth-reviving black orchid formulation ensures that skin is well-hydrated without leaving a greasy trail on skin’s surface turning your dull complexion supple and dewy fresh, day after day.

Gold Mulberry


#3. Excitement


Do you ever notice a healthy flush appearing on your face after something amazing happened? That’s because our face contains tiny capillaries that widen when we feel a rush of adrenaline.

These blood gushing moments happen with invigorating physical activity such as an intense cardio, a hot shower, a breath-taking sex as well as with internal excitement. When these capillaries dilate, our entire face gets a rosy glow while our complexion appears more hydrated, radiant and smooth.

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We can re-create the same flush by using radiance-boosting skincare products. Stock up products that include ingredients like retinol, vitamin C, and other super antioxidants as they can give you the same excitable glow.

Milk the carton of benefits – moisturizing, brightening, blemish-reducing – with the crème de la crème of natural beauty. The Milk Peel is the “clear” favourite to even out mild colour irregularities, detoxify bumpy plugged pores, and invigorate sluggish cellular activity. An inviting silky smoothness and healthy luminosity are unveiled while people may be guessing if it is your lucky genes or the eight-hour sleep.

#4. Sadness

crying-eyesI think we can all agree that being in a melancholy mood does not feel good. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t look good, either. People who are sad or depressed tend to stay indoors, which can make the skin look sallow. When you’re sad, your blood vessels constrict, causing your skin to look even paler.

Ditch concealer and give dark ad tired-looking under-eyes some love with Liquid Gold. This contains 23 carat gold and argireline to erase dark eye circles and brightens up your peepers instantly.

Liquid Gold

#5. Stress

job-stressStress and anxiety may sound like synonyms, but they are not always the same thing. Anxiety comes in a package with worry and fear, stress isn’t always brought on by something negative. Plus, stress can manifest itself in a number of ways: anger, frustration, or even manic energy.

Physiologically, stress and anxiety do have one thing in common: cortisol. Cortisol dilates blood vessels that enhances dark circles due to the increasing amount of blood in the veins under your eyes. Not to forget also the sleep-deprived nights while we were racing toward a work deadline or putting our crying infant to bed.

There is also additional muscle tension in your body when you’re stressed and it can work its way into your face. When you’re stressed, your face freezes in a contracted position the same way when you frown or squint. These stressors cause lines and deep wrinkles to form due to the contracted muscles.

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Stress doesn’t just cause pesky dark eye circles and wrinkles, but it also slows down blood circulation. When stress kicks in, your body is ready for fight or flight. When that happens, the body directs blood internally to your muscles and away from the skin, removing any lit-from-within glow.

If the physiological symptoms of anxiety and stress are your problem, then deep breathing exercises will help to calm the nervous system. They are as simple as inhaling slowly for 4 seconds, holding for 2 seconds, and exhaling for 6 seconds. Diaphragmatic breathing comes from your belly, so try to put your hand there so you can monitor the rise and fall of your stomach.

Stress and sleep deprivation are the kryptonite of youthful, radiant skin. Garnering power from pure light, Fraxel Light delivers a one-two punch against complexion-dulling villains by taking out uneven pigmentation, pores and lined, damaged skin, while supercharging the replenishment of dermal-toning collagen and healthy, glowing skin cells simultaneously

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