Why You Shouldn’t Panic Over Postpartum Hair Loss

During pregnancy, you may have been euphoric about your thick, glistening locks. You may have thought that pregnancy has given your hair a new lease of life! But once you have your baby, your hair is falling out in clumps and clogging up the shower drain, and you desperately start to hit the panic button.

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No, you’re not going bald!


This is perfectly normal and is just a temporary phase. We lose 50 to 100 strands of hair every day during the normal hair growth cycle. But during pregnancy, hair freezes in the resting phase of the cycle due to the increased levels of estrogen, resulting in thicker hair. Your estrogen levels start to decline after you give birth, resulting in all the hair that was resting to fall out.

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Be a hair-voc!


Unleash your inner fashionista and glam up your locks with a hairband, headband, hair clips, bandana, or even a hair doughnut and hair extensions for an instant puff! Hair accessories add more fun and style so you’ll feel and look more zing-ed than fizzled!

Change a new hairstyle!


Pay a visit to your favourite hairdresser and get a new haircut, the shorter the better. Long locks can weigh down your hair, so keep your hair shoulder length or above. Ask for a blunt cut as it can make your hair appear thicker. Another trick for a more voluminous looking style is to change to a deep side part as you are sectioning most of your hair on one side, creating the illusion of volume and lift. You can also add streaks of highlight for a more 3-dimensional and voluminous look.

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Add curls and texture


Give your hair extra volume with hair curlers or rollers. Do this in the comfort of your home and add oomph to your roots instantly. For tighter curls, a small-barrelled iron is your best bet while a large-barreled iron gives you looser romantic looking waves. Remember to the curlers out of reach from young children as it can heat up quickly and go up to over 200 Degree Celsius!

Keramax Scalp Program

Read-These-Tips-To-Protect-Your-Hair-From-Heat-DamageIf you prefer a natural lusher puff, try the Keramax Scalp program that stimulates growth phase of hair with FDA approved Revage 670 laser and delivers much-needed vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin E and Minoxidil to the scalp health for a totally ‘hair-raising’ experience with Revitascalp.

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