4 Ways to Look Better Naked Face

We have all been brainwashed that supermodels like Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne perfectly flawless 24/7, even when they are “off-duty” away from the spotlight and stage. Looking effortlessly gorgeous actually takes a lot more effort, money and time than you can ever imagine!

Other than the basics like exercising ferociously, eating and living totally cleanly, your essential daily and nightly skincare routine, the help of proven complexion-transforming treatments can then help to complete your “nude skin” look in every aspect. Here is a beauty cheatsheet we huddled for you!

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Oxygen Therapy with Red Carpet Difference


If your skin is dull, sluggish and pale, an intense oxygen-infused treatment like O2blush is exactly what you lack! Your skin will bask in three types of the highest grade of oxygen in the form of a pre-mask, wrap and an Oxy Shot to detox and energised lifeless skin back to life! With a recharged of oxygen, your complexion is revitalised, hydrated and feels refreshed and clean.

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wanita-koreaIsn’t it frustrating when the mischievous zits decide to appear just right before the very important event or a date that you had been preparing for months! Don’t let them spoil your mood as they can be ousted in a VERY cinch way! Pimple ER is a professional 3-step spot therapy aimed to dethrone deep set acne to prevent infection while encouraging breakneck recovery to transform your skin back to its clear, smooth and spotless state.

If you are like me, zits like to chase you persistently leaving marks and scars, you should try SW1 Clear Bliss which does wonders for clogged, misbehaving skins. The natural ingredients zap zits and redness while preventing breakouts.

sw1 clear bliss




To be frank, who doesn’t stare at someone’s eyes when you met for the first time? Thus, you should definitely show the most TLC to your delicate lids! Keep those distracting fine lines & wrinkles off your second soul! Intensified by SmartX Lite Laser, the Miracle Eye Reviver Program by SW1 Clinic puts a twinkle in your eyes, as well as a brighter smile!

This “eye-mazing” program sends collagen-boosting energy deep into your skin to tighten and lift sagging skin over six gentle little-to-no downtime sessions for the upper and lower eyelids. What droopy eyelids or crinkles? Everyone will sing “I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”.

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We hope that you will feel more empowered to join us confidently in the pledge of #IAIMTOBENUDE ! Clear, rosy and radiant nude skin is definitely achievable, as long as you want it badly!


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