What Happens to Your Breasts After You Give Birth

Breastfeeding is definitely one of the best things you can do for your newborn. However, the increase in cup size during the 9 exhilarating months and followed by engorgement after giving birth can wreak havoc on the volume and suppleness of your precious boobs.

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During pregnancy, the number of milk ducts increases and expands in size as your breasts prepare for nursing postpartum. This is the reason why women grow larger in cup size and shop for non-wired maternity bras during pregnancy.

Many healthcare professionals will suggest non-wired maternity bras amid pregnancy as they are more gentle and won’t jeopardize or cause unnecessary inflammation in the now sensitive breast tissue. A trusty full support non-wired bra will likewise assist your bosoms with retaining their shape in maximum comfort after your pregnancy and a long way past.

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Moving forward, the breasts continue to grow bigger due to milk production during nursing and the skin will stretch and expand. Your boobs may shrink over time or stay the same if you are lucky but asymmetric breast is also very common. Not to forget, ageing coupled with pregnancy, also plays an important factor in maintaining the suppleness and firmness of the breast.

Don’t let your droopy titties pull you down after nursing, here are some perks-them-up you can do!

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lindasexpertbrafittersPay a visit to an expert bra fitter, as a legitimately fitted bra is proven to improve the shape and perkiness of your boobs. Ideally, look for bras with a good underwire support with adjustable straps, as well as a padded bra if you want to enhance your cleavage, volume and regain your sex appeal for your forgotten husband.

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Toning via exercise may be a mission impossible as the breasts are made up of fatty tissue, glands and connective tissue. What we can do is to work on the pectoral muscles just below the breast tissue to create a more solid foundation and gives them a lift.  Exercises such as swimming help to condition your entire body to lose weight while restoring muscle, particularly the chest muscles. This low-impact exercise also invigorates your body’s overall physical strength and energy while reducing the stress on your joints due to weight gain during pregnancy.

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Did you notice that you’ve been hunching forward and lowering your shoulders a lot due to due to fatigue after giving birth? This poor posture is often one of the most overlooked causes of sagging boobs as you deprive them of any support and they succumb to the merciless gravity. For those who are more bountiful on the top, slouching can also exacerbate any back pain or soreness you may already be suffering from. So, make a conscious effort to maintain a neutral spine position all the time.

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Leave to the professionals with breast augmentation using implants or natural breast augmentation by using your own fat! “In SW1 Clinic, we focus on not just increasing the size but to enhance and customise the most natural shape based on each individual,” says Dr Tan Ying Chien, Plastic Surgeon of SW1 Clinic. “Our patients are able to visualise their optimal size with the innovative 3D Vectra imaging pre-surgery. We also offer post-surgical laser care to minimise scarring and stimulate faster healing.”

We want to congratulate mummies who put on weight at the hips, buttocks or thighs. Do you know that you can under a lipotransfer or fat transfer to relocate the extra bulge and place them at the boobs where more fat is desired? This technique is temporary and gives you a softer end result as compared to implants. If lady luck is smiling on you, this nifty surgery may give you permanent, perpetual results.

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