We Learned a New Word “Polydeoxyribonucleotide” and It Works Wonders For Our Complexions

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Poly…deo…xy.. polydeoxyri.. poly xyribo..nucleo…tide??!! Typing and remembering the spelling “Polydeoxyribonucleotide” be like……above. This new vocabulary is tough. With 23 letters, it must be one of the longest string of word we ever come across.

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PS: The longest word in English is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis– a kind of lung disease. 45 letters in total if you are wondering.

Polydeoxyribonucleotide also fondly known as PDRN, are widely used as a Rejuran injection, a must-have skin booster made famous by South Korea and Japan. PDRN is derived from Salmon DNA extract— compatible with the human skin and also proven to heal damaged skin, replenish hydration level and restore elasticity for ageing skin.

Unlike traditional and conventional aesthetic treatments, PDRN is a natural skin healing therapy that rejuvenates dull complexions, reduces large pores, improves pigmentation and overall complexion whitening by altering your DNA. Just how cool is that? With the signs of aging starting to show as early as in your twenties, it helps to address and prevent these problems even before the first pigmentation or wrinkles appear.

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Excessive sun exposure causes our skin to be in distress and triggers mutations in our DNA causing premature ageing. UV rays are able to penetrate into the dermis, causing an abnormal buildup of elastin. The builtup produces enzymes  which breaks down collagen at a faster rate as compared to that of normal aging. Continued sun exposure will speed up this process leading to further photodamages such as wrinkling and sagging.

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Due to the damages on our DNA, our weakend and thinning skin barries can infact allow irritants in the air to slip into our delicate skin resulting problematic skin issues such as sensitivity.

Types of PDRN Treatments

Young, smiling woman with clean, fresh, skin.

Some people may confuse Rejuran with Fillers injections as they both seem to help with wrinkles and troubled complexions. Fillers such as Revitalift inserts hyaluronic acid particles into the skin to rise depressions and improve collagen and moisture, thus fine lines are smoothened instantly, altering the shape and volume of the visage.

On the other hand, by injecting PDRN macromolecule as its active ingredient, Rejuran DNA Resurgence restores the physiological condition of the dermis from deep within. With no downtime needed, skin is regenerated and appear brighter, firmer and supple in just 3 to 5 days.

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As Rejuran treats the skin’s healing and regenerating functions from within, this unique feature helps to supplement and extend the beneficial result of other aesthetic treatments such as lasers or fillers.

If needles are not your kind of thing, SW1 Clinic recently launched PDRN Cellular Facial, a non-invasive face spa that features a special massager tool and sonophoresis to deeply infused PDRN into the deeper dermis level. This facial doesn’t stop here as it includes a pampering 24K Gold Mask to further tighten, brighten and lifted skin emitting an unimaginable glow in just a mere 75 mins.

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