Top 5 Beauty Hacks for Décolletage

As women of the 21st Century, we always try to look our best from head to toe. We admit that we spend a lot of moola, time and effort, sometimes to the extreme, on our faces to keep it youthful, radiant and free from fine lines and wrinkles.

Unfortunately, we are not always perfect and that committed. There are some days when we are simply too knackered or lazy to spend the equal amount of effort, time and product on our faces as compared to our décolletage.

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The décolletage is the area from the chin to the chest. This delicate area is one of the first places to reveal signs of ageing, and, perhaps also the most noticeable. We eventually only start to panic when we notice the darkening of our neck paired with nerve-racking fine lines and wrinkles.

We focus taking care of our faces and hands on a daily basis. We pamper our backs, shoulders and legs with expensive spas and pedicures but what about our décolletage? Just like the rest of our body, our décolletage requires some TLC too. Actually ten times more.

“Our neck aged faster before any other part of our body because its skin is, in fact, much thinner and more sensitive than that of the face,” says Dr Chua Han Boon, Aesthetic Consultant of SW1 Clinic. “The lack of nourishing skin care, proper sunblock, gravity and the constant craning over smartphone elevate the sagging and wrinkles further.”

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Preventative measures such as the use of the same products you put on your face are a good idea but regrettably,  it works only before the first sign of ageing appears.

Fret not if you are looking to help your neck which is sending out SOS. Scroll down to know 5 of the best décolletage beauty tips we garnered for you.

1. Lots of Hydration

Specially formulated for the neck which is thinner with lesser oil glands, Chai Gold Oil contains a powerhouse of antioxidants and fatty acids and retinol for diminishing fine lines and turn back the clock.  This special elixir of youth penetrates swiftly into parched wrinkly décolletage to tighten, hydrate and brighten the neck area both instantly and over time.


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2. Weekly Exfoliation

One of the best and easiest ways to rejuvenate and give your neck a boost is to exfoliate at least once a week. Just like the skin on your face, you remove lustre-robbing dead skin and debris when you exfoliate. This action reveals a layer of healthier and brighter skin so that any subsequent skincare product penetrate easily and works their magic.

Infused with champagne and pearl to remove dead skin, as well as vitamins A, C and E to revitalise the skin, Chai Gold Flakes put the glow back to your face. This gentle and skin-loving facial scrub works well on sensitive skin as well as the delicate neck areas. In fact, this scrub is so gentle that you can even use it every night to keep your skin squeaky clean.Gold_Flakes_Edit_15a28d43-bae0-46b1-ba0b-8564d1dc02c9

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3. Neck Mask

Are you a fan of the weekly face mask? Or even for your feet and hands? Then you should start a weekly routine for your neck too! Fitting and soft on your neck, SW1 Marvel Neck Drape is power-packed with essential vitamins and hyaluronic acid to boost and lock in moisture to revive or maintain the fragile skin of your décolletage in just 10 minutes.Marvel_Neck_Drape

4. Spa Treatment


If you are looking to pamper your neckline in time for the annual reunion happening next month, book an appointment for Age Delay Décolleté and Resilience Lift Neck & Jaw at SW1 Clinic.

Age Delay Décolleté utilises Exilis radiofrequency technology to boost collagen reproduction (think supple smooth youthful skin!!) on the cleavage area. But this age-reversing treatment doesn’t just stop here, vitamins A, B & C are infused into the bare skin to reveal suppler and more luminous looking skin.

If you are somewhat luckier to have saggy neck and jowls but no lines on your cleavage, Resilience Lift Neck & Jaw tighten the obvious droopy skin also using Exilis radiofrequency technology. This uplifting treatment includes LED Red light to restore collagen production, you’ll leave SW1 feeling absolutely lifted.

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5. Aesthetic Treatments

Beautiful-woman-587207598_5760x3840 (2).jpegIf your décolletage is in absolute red alert or distress and you are serious about getting some actual help, you may want to consider seeking a professional’s help to take charge of your cleavage’s destiny.

Thermage which uses radiofrequency to boost collagen production in the deeper layer of the skin is a popular choice for those who suffered from visible to serious sagging and wrinkling and looking for a long-lasting transformation of the décolletage.

Ultherapy is the only treatment that delivers ultrasound wave to into precise depth in the skin by imaging. This uniqueness ensures a better treatment result and gives you an overall tightening effect from deep within.

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