Shaving is Canceled Due to Rihanna’s Leg Hair

When summer is around the corner, you know that it’s time for the razor that had been carelessly kept at somewhere in your room to make its appearance once again. Hands up if you prefer winter over summer because you don’t want to waste five minutes shaving your legs.

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Just like any women or girls out there, Rihanna is sick and tired of the notion for women to always have smooth feminine legs. She set the internet on fire once again when she posted her real AF bikini photo of her, no makeup and with visible leg hair. THIS IS #UNREAL!

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when u can’t wait for summer.

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 Yup, Riri’s fans are cancelling the need to shave leg hair this summer:
Fans also praised Riri for showing her unedited photos of her “stretch marks” on the third photo in the same instagram post. However, Rihanna pointed out to fans in the comment “I got stretch marks but dats the sun 😂,”. However, the internet is still celebrating her representation of a real woman.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 4.52.24 PM.png

However, if shaving (urgh! those razor burns though) to keep your leg smooth and beautiful is your motto in life or you don’t have the confidence like Rihanna to brave through awkward stares, one way to achieve silky soft leg with permanent hair removal like Soprano Ice Laser offered by SW1 Clinic.


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“Soprano Ice Laser utilises energy from 3 types of wavelengths to ensure efficient and safe hair removal for patients of different skin colour and hair profiles, ” says Dr Michelle Lim, Medical Consultant of SW1 Clinic. “This is unlike many traditional IPL lasers that work on certain types of skin and hair colour.”

Tell us if you will embrace your leg hair this summer like Rihanna, or continue to shave or you are thinking of bidding those irksome ingrowths for good with permanent hair removal laser?

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