5 Beauty Sleep Essentials For Better Skin

We know that catching a solid eight hours of restful sleep is fantastic for good clear skin but this is a dream for many of us.

There were times when removing all our makeup was a difficult chore because we were so jam-packed during the day. Unfortunately, this loaf on the job could lead to unnecessary breakouts that can take weeks (or even months) to be completely healed.

Keep these beauty essentials near your nightstand if you want to make up looking fresh and more beautiful.

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Keep makeup remover by the bed

We know how tiring it is to drag yourself home after a long (terrible) day at work and all you want to do is “let it go” and hit the sack. However, the consequence of not removing your full makeup when you go to bed is a big no-no! Your overnight foundation, debris and oil will clog your pores which causes dull skin and breakouts almost immediately. You will regret it when you wake up the next morning.

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Instead, place your makeup remover on your bed just so you will never forget to remove your full face of makeup (oil and dirt). Try SW1 Skin Gym that is once in contact with your face, it warms up that enhances blood flow to detoxify face and melts all makeup and impurities away when cleansing with water. Skin feels soft and moisturised after once use. You’ll be back for more!


Screen Shot 2018-02-12 at 4.35.04 PM

 Skincare You Should Sleep In

Do you know that you lose about 500ml of water when you exhale and perspire when you are snoozing at night? Therefore it is important to keep your skin hydrated while you sleep.

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Formulated with black orchids full of antioxidants goodies for the skin, SW1 Skin Drink quench thirsty parched skin for that glistening, soft and dewy look. Just a few drops of this, pores will look smaller and complexion will look revitalised when you wake up.

SW1 Skin Drink


Liquid Gold contains real gold particles to tighten and brighten your eyes as well as keep them full of vigour when you wake up.

Chai Liquid Gold

Prevent pillow face

We mentioned that having 8 hours of sleep does well for clear looking skin. Ironically, sleep can also cause temporary “sleep wrinkles” which are the result of a night worth of pushing and pulling of skin against the pillow. This action damages collagen so it is recommended to sleep on your back as lying face down or sideways on your pillow may cause wrinkles. Sleeping on your back prevents sleep wrinkles and this neutral position prevents neck and pain.

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You can also protect your hair and skin from damage caused by rough pillowcase by choosing silk option such as DRYBAR Slumber Party Silk Pillowcase.


Keeps Your Lips Moist and Soft

The skin reacts the same way losing its moisture, becoming dry and wrinkled. Our natural moisture escapes through the pores of our skin making way for aging skin before our time.

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Just like our skin, our lip reacts the same way by losing moisture when we are snoozing in slumberland. “I apply Chai Rose Gold on my whole face as well as my lips every night before I sleep and every morning after I brush my teeth,” says Alice, 38 year old mother of 3. “Even though this is meant for the face, it keeps my lips moisturised and soft 24/7.”

chai rose gold

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