5 Naggings Your Mom is Right About

Yep, your mom is always right and you should always listen to her, even when you think that she’s nagging or scolding you. Take a MOMent to listen to her —- and get fabulous skin as a result.

Rubbing Eyes

The skin around your eyes is the most delicate area on your face. Fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes are usually the first to appear on your face. “If you rub your eyes all the time, you may be causing unnecessary stretching and loose skin,” says Dr Kenneth Lee, founder of SW1 Clinic. “Excessive rubbing can also lead to irritation and break blood vessels that can be treated with laser treatments.”

Listen to your mom and kick this bad habit of premature ageing! Dryness may be one of the reasons that constitute rubbing. Prepare an eyedrop to keep your eyes moisturised throughout the day especially when you are working on the computer.

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You should also invest in eye serums that are formulated with superior anti-ageing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and argireline. Dr Lee recommends Chái LIQUID GOLD Eye Illuminating Serum which is infused with both hyaluronic acid and argireline, as well as precious 23-carat gold to promote healthy cell renewal and stop wrinkles at bay.  This eye serum leaves a silky soft finish upon application and your eyes will look youthful and refreshed with or without makeup.

Chai Liquid Gold

If you let your skin marinate in makeup and oil buildup when you sleep, this can lead to clogged pores and breakouts especially if you’re prone to acne. Your body temperature rises when you are in Slumberland, thus it will speed up the absorption of whatever is left on the surface of the skin.

Therefore, if you leave your makeup and debris on, your skin will absorb them and react with zits and clogged pores. Therefore it is important to clean your face thoroughly every night and leave only beneficial ingredients which are good for your skin.

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Try SW1 Warm Vanilla that melts away debris and light makeup with its cocktail of French sea waters, botanical extracts, with the gentle blend of seaweed and sugar scrub. Your skin will not feel tight due to dryness as this cleanser does not remove the natural moisture needed to keep your skin supple and refreshed.

Chai Warm Vanilla

skin picking

“Pick and squeezing a full-blown zit will increase the chances of inflammation, redness, swelling and even leave an undesirable mark,” warns Dr Lee. “Do resist the temptation of removing the zit by yourself as this action will take the zit longer to recover.”

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Don’t you hate it when a huge red swollen zit decides to make its grand appearance on your face when you are a few days away from your big event? Get a shot of Pimple ER by SW1 Doctors to heal your zit and prevent infection instead of taking things into your own hands. That hateful zit will go down within 24 hours, but you have to make sure that you don’t play naughty and pick on it.

Mom: "Sit like a lady if you want to be perceived as one."


Yep, sit like a lady and cross your legs at the ankles instead of the knee. This is because crossing your legs when you sit can cause an imbalance in your pelvis and lead to awful lower back pain. Whether you are sitting or standing, it is best to keep your pelvis in a neutral position as it helps to promote a better posture to make you look taller and appear more sophisticated.

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Another reason to cross your legs at the ankles is to prevent spider vines due to the increased pressure from crossing your legs on the knees. “Sclerotherapy consists of microinjections of salt solution to shrink and dissolve the veins”, says Dr Lee. “It is recommended that you visit a doctor to see if you are suitable for this non-surgical procedure.”


Making that frown or rubbing your eyes unconsciously may not give you expression lines immediately, but these actions do contribute to developing lines faster. “These repetitive muscle contractions in the face cause the skin to be pulled and scrunched,” says Dr Lee, “One of the reasons of premature lines in the upper face is the result of an overly expressive face.”

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Prevent this type of wrinkles on your upper face simply by relaxing your face, and wear sunglasses and glasses to prevent squinting as this action contributes to early wrinkles and crow’s feet.

If you wish to get rid of wrinkles around your eyes, SmartX Lite Eye uses fractional carbon dioxide laser to safely smoothen wrinkles and firm sagging skin on your eyes to regain elasticity, smoothness and tightness.

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