Use These 3 Skincare Products to Keep Pigmentation at Bay

Everyone wishes for flawless, smooth skin but pigmentations can be spotted on the skin due to overproduction of melanin. Melanin is a type of hyperpigmentation caused by acne, sun damage, age or even hormonal imbalance. When your skin cells become damaged or unhealthy, it increases melanin production.

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Some types of pigmentation like those caused by acne will eventually lighten up and vanish, sometimes taking weeks or even months. Most discolourations require specialised skincare with powerful active ingredients or in-clinic treatments to be fully eradicated.

We’ve got 3 skincare products from SW1 that can help to keep pigmentation at bay. Read on to find out more!

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Keep oily skin balanced, clogged pores cleaned and bacteria away with Clear Bliss. Once applied to flushing skin, this self-activating gel calms and clears sensitivity instantly to reveal a softer and calmer complexion. When used as a nightly treatment, breakouts are prevented and thus minimise the risk of acne as well as acne spots.

clear bliss

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Pile on Special Effects to banish pigmentation caused by sun, acne and scars. Other than its triple action lightening power, this cream also helps to even out uneven skin tone, soften rough patches and brighten even the dullest complexion. You’ll get back the glow and flawless skin within weeks with diligent use.

special effects

Sleep Mode protects skin against bacteria and increases the skin’s renewal rate while improving collagen production for a stronger and more moisturised complexion. Regular use will keep your skin cells healthy and happy, and your skin will look balanced without that extra shine, pigmentation or even fine lines.sleep mode


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